July 14, 2019

My Kind Of Day

(photo credit 1stdibs.com)

It's Sunday evening at almost Eight PM and I am tired but, it's a good tired for a good day. I am sure to some it would be a boring day for them but for me, this was a good day. 

It's Sunday which means it's the Lords day which means it's Mass for me. I am a practicing Catholic and Sunday belongs to the Lord. Well, every day belongs to Him but on Sunday I try and make that day just a little more special as He has requested. Wake up came at Five AM. Mass is at Eight AM and I need time to get something to eat, have some coffee, then get myself ready.. If I could get up at Five AM everyday I would because that hour between five and six am in my home is one of the quietest I get all day but I have tried in the past and it just doesn't work. My body doesn't like it all the time so one day a week it works for me and I am sure that the Lord has his hand in that.

I was out the door by Seven-Thirty Am and on the road to Church. Mass was so incredibly peaceful this morning and I left feeling spiritually and physically lighter than when I went in. Afterwards, I had to run to ChinaMart (Walmart) to pick up a few food items for the week. I really didn't want too but sometimes on a Sunday it can't be avoided. When I got home MSL had done all the morning dishes and so we sat at the dining room table for a while and talked a bit over coffee.

Yours truly after I got home from Mass. I wore a dress and I also had a little bolero sweater on to cover my shoulders as I try very hard not to allow my shoulders to be exposed during Mass.

By Eleven AM I was getting tired. My physically body is good for about  six hours before I start getting pretty tired and the RA pain starts to ramp up so for once I listened to my body and went to lay down. I fell asleep a bit after One PM and slept until Three PM. When I woke up I wasn't all that hungry so I just had some pureed prunes (yes I know some people think they are gross but they are good for your stomach), half a cookie and that was it. Talked with MSL for a little bit and by Four PM it was time to feed the dogs. Once that was finished I sat an relaxed for a little while and afterwards it was time to get dressed and head back to the Church for an hour of Adoration with our Lord. For non-Catholics if you don't know what Adoration is, just Google it and you can learn all about it. 

My time slot was Five Pm to Six Pm and it was, well, for me, glorious. It was just me and the Lord and in the small chapel all alone. I looked at Him and He looked at me. I talked to Him for a good long time, prayed for others, prayed the Rosary and then sat and listened for the Lord for a bit. Before I knew it the Church bells were chiming and it was time to go home. I would have liked to have stayed longer with Him but I knew it was my place to go home and cook dinner for MSL. Tonight's dinner was a simple one and I am blessed that MSL isn't picky. Just cooked up a chicken breast in some olive oil and cut it up over a spring mix salad with the some Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing and dinner was done. Cleaned up the kitchen, straightened the house a bit, took off my makeup and here I am. Time to relax for the evening.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Sunday also. If it was a stressful Sunday or a busy Sunday try best you can this week to make a plan on how to make your Sunday one that is almost stress free, carefree and dedicated to the Lord. I can tell you that you won't be sorry. 


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~Robyn~ XO