August 7, 2019

Figuring It Out

I think as people we are always evolving, always changing. I think with each new season of life we change and, I believe I am changing again or I should correctly say, I think the Lord is changing me again. As you read further please remember this is just my opinion about myself. You do not have to agree, we CAN agree to disagree all I ask is that you be respectful in the comment section. 

For most of my life when it came to dress I was always one who wore tight, skin tight jeans, and tops. Then again for most of my life I had the figure to do it and, these days, it doesn't seem to matter if you have the figure or not women are still doing it. I am less than a year away from being Fifty God willing, and I no longer have the figure I once had but thinking about it I believe even if I did I would no longer dress in that way or in a manner that makes men undress you with their eyes. I used to believe that was fine. That "I still had it".. At least that's what the world tells us. God tells us as women something entirely different. 

Over the past year or so I have been trying to get closer and closer to God. Wanting to live for Him, and how He wants me to live, the way He wants me to live and I know my former way of dressing is not it.  In the past year I have been dressing more modestly, something that is severely lacking in today's society and fashions. 

Lately I have really been wanting to dress more feminine. It makes me feel more like a lady and it also projects to others that I respect myself and they should too although the later doesn't always works because not everyone in this world was taught manners. Another thing severely lacking in our society and a post for another day. 

Getting back to my 'new body shape' I have to relearn how to dress and it's not easy. I know the basic style for my body but today's fashions are fast fashion, you know, the kind that lasts maybe a season and then it's time for new because it's already worn out. To dress in quality clothing these days is expensive. So I have just been looking around on the internet at all different websites to see styles, quality, price and it can just be overwhelming! So, I am very slowly trying to figure it out.. Do any of you who dress modestly have any good places you can get quality, modest, yet feminine clothing that isn't the price of a mortgage payment? Please let me know in the comments. I am kind of feeling like I am out in the middle of the ocean without a life jacket here. 


  1. Good morning, Robyn. I do agree with you that as women we should dress appropriately. For the last 15 years I was very overweight, I lost 67 lbs. After I lost the weight I enjoy wearing clothes that fit me. Before, I always bought clothes that was too large, just to cover my size but made me even look larger, now I buy clothes that "fit" but I do keep in mind that I don't want to label myself as you mention, men are going to Look and we can't stop that. I always ask my husband and or my children, even my grandchildren if I am dressed appropriately. They always tell me yes.

  2. I have always been a modest dresser and I love Talbots but only when the clothes are 80% off. They are too expensive.


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