August 31, 2019

I Am Blessed

Hi everyone, 

This year my family from New Jersey came down to see me and for vacation. It was the first time in almost twenty years we were all in the same room at one time. Children grow into adults so quickly and before you know it they are off in all different directions. I think that's what made this vacation this year so incredible and so special. We ALL had an amazing time!! So much so that no one wanted to leave and there were tears when they did. It wasn't that we did so many activities with each other but it was that we spent really good quality time together just enjoying each other, talking laughing, remembering, wishing, hoping. It's been a couple weeks now that they have all gone home and are back to living their lives and I mine but, I miss them very much. Here are some of the photos we took. There were over four hundred photos' taken but these are just some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy my happiness. 

(back row) My youngest great niece Sofia (3) her dad my oldest nephew Billy, his wife Kim, my nephew Eric, my brother Bill, my sister in law Dorothy, my niece Jillianne, Billy's step daughters Savanah and Madison and my oldest great niece Billy's oldest daughter Olivia (5). 

This is my entire family. We may be small but we have big love. 

(Billy and his youngest Sofia)

(Myself and great niece number one, Olivia (5) )

(Myself and great niece number two, Sofia (2)

(Myself and my niece in law, Billy's wife, Kim)

 (Myself and my big strapping nephew Eric) 

Myself and my niece whom I adore, Jillianne

Myself and my big brother Bill.

Olivia and Sofia. These two little monkey's who I can't get enough of! 


  1. What a wonderful family. I love your happy pictures, family is absolutely everything.

  2. How great that you had company.

  3. Wow, twenty years! How awesome you were all able to get together and have such a wonderful time. You are Blessed, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Enjoyed this post with family pics.
    Blessings to you,


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