October 27, 2019

It's Been A Long Time

Hello readers and friends,

I can't believe it's been since August since I've put a post here on my blog. It's been a busy summer here in my neck of the woods. Mind you summers here in my part of the South are pretty long. We are already heading into November this coming week and as of this writing it is over Eighty degrees outside and so humid you could cut it with a knife. We are praying for the cooler air next week to get here quickly.

So I think I left off with you all about when my family came to stay in August. To be honest the next couple of weeks after they left were a little hard for me. You see, we are a small family and I miss them, a lot. We don't have the finances to move back home which was why we left to begin with and really don't have it to go visit throughout the year either so it's a long time between actual physical visits and when they leave it sets my heart in a sad place until I am able to work around it best I can. 

September was a very busy month for us. There were vet visits for checks ups (we have five dogs) and my husband had a lot of doctor appointments. Some of my readers may be aware but for those who aren't, my husband has severe spinal issue's. In the last Fifteen years he's had nine back surgeries with two of them being fifty percent reconstructions which we had to go out of state for. All of them with the exception of one was a success. Because of this damage he also suffers with permanent spinal nerve damage. As you can imagine this is a very heavy cross to bare day in and day out along with too much pain medication that just barely helps and then there are his cardiac health issue's as well. 

The last week in September on the twenty-third he had the first of two spinal operations to implant a spinal cord stimulator. The goal of a stimulator is to use high frequency signals from the spinal cord to the brain to cut down on the pain and hopefully pain medication as well and bring back some quality of life which, my husband has not had much of in the last seven or so years. The first surgery was to have the leads run in the spinal canal. The second surgery was done a week later on the thirtieth to have the internal battery pack placed and the lead wires hooked up to that. As of now it seems to have been a success, his pain has been cut almost eighty percent and he's dropped down on one of his pain medications but I am still cautious because as you can imagine there is a lot of recovery time for this and he hasn't moved around much. I guess you could say I am optimistically cautious to see how he does once he's able to really get out there and move some. For the most part of October it's been a lot of bandage changing, worrying about infection and recovering. 

Last week I came down with a sinus infection which then ran into the flu and that put me out of commission for a week or so and now my husband has it. Only with him it goes straight to his chest so I made a doctor appointment right away and sure enough he has bronchitis. More medication and more recovery. Of course there's always every day life and without him being able to help that doesn't leave me much time for myself these days. Still have to do the cooking, cleaning, washing, taking care of the dogs etc. then there is my faith commitments as well. By the end of the day I am too tired to write. 

This week coming up will be busy as well. I have to take all five dogs to the vet (spread over two days) for nail trimmings and then Friday is a Holy Day Of Obligation in the Catholic Church called All Saints Day. If you don't know what a Holy Day is, it means all Catholics are required to attend Mass on that day. I've been trying to play catch up the last few days from being down for the count last week but still have many things left to do such as the laundry and cleaning and only a few days to where I'll have the time and energy... 

I will try as best I can to get on here and say hello within the next week and soon as Fall and Winter decide to show up here in the South I hope to be here at least a few days a week .. 

I do hope you're all well and life is treating you well.. 

Until next time, 


  1. I’m so happy to hear from you! Yes, you have been carrying quite a load for a long time.
    Summer is to have that same operation - the spinal stimulator. I’m so glad it is working for your husband. Summer says if it cuts it by 50% she could still have a life.
    Pace yourself. You are in life for the long haul. I admire you in all that you’re doing....

    1. Thank you so much Linda.. When is Summer getting hers? We didn't expect as much relief as he's getting so far but we are so grateful and thankful... Please let me know about Summer XO

  2. With all you have on your plate, I'm surprised you have any time at all for yourself or to write here. But I'm glad you're back here. I hope the both of you are feeling much better really soon. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

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