October 29, 2019

He Needs Stars? Sound Off

Hello my dear readers and friends, 

Allow me to sound off for a moment if you will. 

There is a young woman I occasionally watch on YouTube. Her channel has some decent content every now and then about femininity which I am all about but today, her videos was, oh how shall I say, cringe worthy. 

She entitled the video something along the lines of "How to help your husband be more masculine". My first thought was, "Oh I just have to see this" and sorry to say I didn't mean it in a kind way..So, I clicked on play. 

As I listened to her, mind you she's only twenty four years old I just sat there with my eye brows up saying to myself, "is she serious?" She continues to give her "life long advice" on how to help other women help their men become more masculine and then she proceeds to tell her audience what she does for her husband. Here's where I about almost threw my phone. 

She has a 'Reward System" set up for him.. Yes, you read that right. A Reward System....They actually have one for him and one for her that hangs on their refrigerator. She says they sat down and spoke about what they expected from each other. Okay, that is good advice but then.... here's where my spine began to crawl like nails on a chalkboard...she said, each time her husband does something or changes something they spoke about.... SHE PUTS A STAR NEXT TO IT ON HER REFRIGERATOR!!!!....

My mouth almost hit the floor and I thought to myself, "Girl, ya'll got some SERIOUS issue's if you need to do this and you don't even realize it."

Seriously? Millennial's need a 'reward system' for being men like they should have always been..

Is this the result of the "everyone gets a trophy just for participating age?". I hate to say this but I see these two heading towards divorce court in some years if their marriage is based on a 'reward system' because mommy & daddy didn't teach their son how to be a man...

Poor Millenial's, they are in so much trouble and truth is, so are we because THEY are the future of this country when WE are too old for anyone to care about us.....

Lord, help us...

Until next time...


  1. I agree with your rant about some of the ways of this generation of folks. Don't give her another thought and try to have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. She could be doing this for views. I agree, it is odd.


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