May 20, 2020

Corona Diaries 4-3-2020

Well, again.... it's been a day.. As per usual nothing went as expected. I really need to listen to that old saying because it's so true... Men plan and God laughs.

My morning began with me knowing I had to go out to the bank, to Walgreen's to pick up prescriptions for my husband and to the drive up at the vet to get their medication. All essential outings. I sat down with my coffee at the dining room table and also mapped out how many pairs of gloves I'd need, masks, and wipes. How to handle the bags, how to wash everything when I got inside etc.

After running those three errands, I came home and did all the 'things' to disinfect. I was kind of tired so was getting ready to sit down for a while when my husband said, " I don't feel well". You can imagine my thoughts because of all that is going on. He said his lungs hurt and were burning when he breathes in, he has the chills and he feels run down.

First thing I did was call our local health department line to see what my next move was. I was told to call my doctor which I did. At twelve- thirty his doctor called us on Face-time. He says he does not think it's Coronavirus but he can't be one hundred percent sure as of yet. He says my husband is not showing hardcore symptoms yet and because of that he wouldn't be tested yet. So, he called him in an antibiotic along with telling him if at any point he runs a fever or breathing is worse we are to go to straight to the ER. So far, he has no fever, says his breathing hasn't gotten worse and his pulse OX (yes we have a finger O2 meter here at home) has been normal. For this weekend it will be keeping an eye on him. Please keep us in your prayers.

My husband is also having trouble with his intestines as well. Two years ago he was in the hospital for four days with a tube up his nose and down into his stomach. He had an intestinal blockage and we don't want or need that to happen again. So along with the antibiotic the doctor also said soft foods like soups, eggs, pudding. He said my husband looked somewhat dehydrated and to get some gatorade and drink water. Well of course I don't normally have some of these things on hand so that meant going back out to the store. (think petri dish).

Before I went to the store a few hours later, I called Walgreen's to see if his antibiotic was ready. Turns out, the way the doctor wrote the script and the amount don't match up and they can't fill it until they speak to him. Guess what? It was 4pm on a Friday. Doctors office was closed and their emergency number is not working. It's a good thing we have a whole course of antibiotics here he can start in the meantime. If your'e wondering why I did not make a pick up order for the grocery store, I did. They are so low on stock by the time they got done texting me what they didn't have I had no other choice but to go there physically and see what I could get.

On a brighter note, my great nieces birthday is today. She turned six years old. I got to Face-time with her and her daddy who is my baby (my nephew). That was the bright spot in my day. As for myself, I'm just tired. I am surrendering all of this and us to the good Lord and praying for an increase in my faith and trust, perseverance and courage to do His Holy Will and not that of my own.

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