May 20, 2020

Corona Diaries 3-22-20

Today is Sunday which belongs fully to God. Unfortunately because I can not attend Mass as our Bishop has suspended masses due to the Covid-19 virus going to Mass to worship God with my community of brothers and sisters was not an option. I am however grateful that I live in an age where technology was able to bring the Mass to me in my home via live stream on Youtube.

The morning began at four -thirty AM when Toby (one of my 90 pd pitbull mixes decided to jump on my bed and lay on my legs). I was up until five thirty AM when I could no longer keep my eyes open so I went back to sleep until seven thirty, almost eight am. Ate some eggs, made some coffee and sat down with the scriptures for the day. At ten AM, I attended Mass online with Fr. Mike Schmitz from Ascension Presents until eleven am.
Afterwards I began reading a book I've had for a while about frugality and simple living. I was doing well most of the day as far as the virus anxiety until about five pm when I went online to a local page for the residents of the town I live in. Understand that my town is very large but the town itself is broken up into little communities.

I live in the historic district. We have one Walgreens, one CVS, a super Wal-mart, a Food Lion and a very old IGA. I would estimate that 98% of all people who live in my district use Walgreens for their prescriptions and just about everything else. Inside the store as well as the drive through is usually packed no matter what time of day or night you go there.
I have prescriptions waiting to be picked up. I have been putting it off because I am not sure I want to chance going out to a store, drive through or not but I have to have my prescriptions. So in my mind I've been going back and forth on what to do. This afternoon around five pm someone posted asking why the Walgreens was suddenly closed. As in the entire store locked down. Turns out, one of the employees has Coronavirus, they just found out and locked down the store to disinfect.
Here's what I'm thinking though. One employee gets Coronavirus. How long have they had it? How long were they working until they got sick and tested? Who else in the store have they come in contact with? How many items have they come in contact with? Who else now has Coronavirus that works there but doesn't know it yet because they haven't been tested? So my panic meter went up pretty high.

There are three things that I really need to do outside of the home and I honestly do not know how to handle it. The first is getting my prescriptions. The second is I have to go to the bank and deposit cash. The last is I have to get my one dog to the vet for her blood because she has a thyroid condition and needs new medication but has to have her levels checked and her brother, yeah the one who jumped on me at four am needs his nails cut badly. No, he won't let me do them.
So here I sit wondering how to do this and not get sick or not come in contact with the virus and possibly bring it home to my husband.

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