May 20, 2020

Happenings On The Homestead

Well hello! It's been a bit since I have had time or energy to sit down and write a blog post for you all. So let me bring you all up to date with whats been happening on what I like to call our little homestead..

Summer has arrived in my part of South Carolina and with spring and summer, it's sort of a mixed bag here in the South as far as temperatures go until about the middle of May, so with these seasons come planting time. And planting we have been. We've also done some home repairs which also took a bit of our time. In this post I would like to share with you what we have planted so far. I say so far because I have more things I want to grow we just haven't gotten them in yet. I know people up north and up in the North West the growing season can be quite short but here in the South where I am our planting and growing season begins after the last frost which is usually the end of April and we can go all the way to the end of October and even to December depending on how hot it will be that year.
I have quite a few more things I want to do on our property this summer and when they are finished I will share them with you also. So without further ado let me get to showing you what we have thus far..

The tomatoes have begun to produce fruit.

The Sweet Banana Peppers too..

And the Crooked Neck Squash as well.

This here are onions that I experimented with and it's working! I took two sweet yellow onions that I had bought from the store, I cut the bottoms off where the root would have been and planted them just to see if they would grow and low and behold they are!

I did the same thing with a few organic carrots I also bought from the store and today I noticed they are growing!

We've also been growing and drying fresh herbs that we dehydrate on our small dehydrator. Here we have Basil, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme and Cilantro.

Sunflowers are my most favorite flowers. They just look like such a happy flower and they make me smile when I see them. A sweet friend of mine bought me some for my birthday back in April and then I bought another container and my Mr planted them. Here they are looking so happy and bright...

Even our Hydrangea bushes are feeling happy and putting out the most beautiful blooms!

Now you see why I haven't been around. Been happy to be outside and working on our land and food.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what we've been up too and I promise I will share with you soon what all else is happening.
Until then.......


Please leave your comments, I love hearing from you! :)
~Robyn~ XO