May 27, 2020

So Satisfying

This is only my second year planting a vegetable garden. It wasn't until I was forty-eight that I got the 'bug'. (pardon the pun).

Last years garden was a bit of a disaster and did not yield a whole lot but having learned from some of my mistakes of the past year when we planted this year, I "think" we did it right this time or as right as you can.

This years garden although early is already producing much fruit. Everything is growing!.. I went outside this morning to check all the plants like I do every morning and I picked our very first fruit of the season. A banana pepper and not just any banana pepper but a HUGE banana pepper! It was so incredibly satisfying to know that we planted it, watched it grow and with Gods blessing we picked it and how it will be on our dinner table. If you can and you haven't, I urge you to begin a vegetable garden. There is such satisfaction and peace in growing your own food.

Do you have a vegetable garden this year? 


  1. No garden this year, but admire that you are gardening. My daughter does have a large veggie garden. I love flowers! Think I might try a tomato plant.

    1. Hi Deanna,
      Forgive me for taking so long to get to your comment. Life got so busy I haven't checked my blog in weeks... I wasn't going to plant a garden this year but I am glad I did.. Seems we are having a bumper crop! Last year not so much... Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and again I"m sorry it took me so long to reply to you...


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