June 25, 2020

Life Updates

Hello everyone! Happy Summer!

I just checked and my last post was all the way back in May! Good grief.. get it together girl!

In all seriousness, life got somewhat busy. Dogs needed various things, my Mr needed a testing procedure because for weeks on end he was having some pretty strange and serious stomach issue's which included and ER visit in the middle of this pandemic. Yeah, that was fun. (insert sarcasm) Thankfully though he's okay and it's not very serious and things have gotten better. 

Then there is my garden as you can see from the above photo is doing very well this year!. Now if I can only find a way to keep those pesky mocking birds out of my tomatoes I'll be good! Those darn birds. They keep eating my tomatoes before I can get to them. I tried hanging the plastic bags on the cages so they make noise in the wind. That didn't work because it's been raining I kid you not every day for at least the last two weeks and the bags fill with water.

Now, I'm trying pin wheels from the Dollar Tree which, my husband informed me this afternoon for all the pin wheels I put out it seems only one in spinning in the wind. (face palm). Then I was dealing with tomato worms which happens every years it's just part of growing tomatoes. Needless to say the garden has been abuzz.

On a personal level I'm dealing with some family issue's, who isn't these days and truthfully it's been hurtful. I also have two nephews who are more like my sons who are police officers in very dangerous inner cities on the East Coast so I worry for them daily. It's a bit stressful.

My own health is so so. I try the best I can to ignore it but there are days and I have to admit, weeks that I can't no matter how hard I try.  Seems with the RA even the slightest change in the weather, the slightest change in my digestive health and I am not only hurting and swelling in my joints but overall just feel lousy with an energy level of almost zero. So, it's a battle and has been the last few months. So, there are the life updates I wanted to share with you. 

I hope to be back again by Monday with a new post. 

I wish you all a good weekend and pray God bless you and keep you safe.

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  1. Hi there. I do not have a garden this year. I admire what you do have. We have some lavender, sage and mint that have returned from the year before. Maybe that should count as a garden. grins. All the best,


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