July 17, 2020

A Warning...Please Heed It....

I am giving you fair warning and a heads up and I pray you will heed it....

From time to time I like to pass on knowledge that I have in hopes of helping you. This is one of those times. For those new to my blog and maybe some not so new please understand that I am 'not' a conspiracy nut. I am a common sense nut.

Since this Pandemic (which by the way the CDC has or is getting ready to drop the pandemic status) began we have seen massive changes in the way we have to live. Isolation being one of them and supply chain shortages being another one. As you all are aware around March or April ( I can't even remember anymore) people were panic buying food , paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, medical masks and the like. People were scrambling because stock had run out and wasn't being replenished. 

As for myself, I was not a panic buyer then or now and I wasn't 'scrambling' too badly. We have pretty much what we needed for a few weeks to hold us over because I have been preparing since last year for a huge event which, I thought would be another hurricane. (that could still happen) so we were in pretty good shape.

Over the last few weeks in my area anyway, things are slowly being restocked but, paper towel is till hard to come by, cleaning wipes are non existent so far , rubber gloves are also hard to find anywhere, bottled cleaners are also out pretty much everywhere still as well. We have toilet paper again and while meat is still limited to two packages per shopping trip, the meat has begun to roll back in again along with canned goods, flour and yeast is once again available. So what is the point?


Covid-19 no matter where you stand on the issues surrounding it , IS a real illness. (yes I know infection rate and death numbers are being padded but they are still happening). Cases are spiking through the roof in most southern and western states. As of today in Florida Miami - Dade ICU's are working at 107%. You can check that out here at this link  . In my state of South Carolina we are being 'told' our hospitals are reaching capacity. If this is true or not, I honestly do not know but better to err on the side of caution.

And whether people realize it or not there is still a shortage of Pasta, Rice, Canned goods, Flour, Soda, and Canned Soups. See the article here . Society has fallen into the bowels of hell, police officers are walking off the job or not responding to calls (I don't blame them), anarchist are ruling our city streets with murder and destruction left unchecked, our houses of worship are being vandalized and desecrated, history being wiped out before eyes with the blessings of those who are supposed to protect it.

We have a presidential election coming up in four months and no matter who occupies that seat come January 2021 I can tell you with great confidence things are not going to get better. They are going to get worse on all fronts. 

If you haven't been prepping, stocking your pantries etc the time to do so is NOW.. Not tomorrow, not two months from now.... Do it now.. I see another round of lock downs coming. I see more food shortages coming. It will be a rinse an repeat of the first three months of this year. Do not get caught with your proverbial pants down again. Take whatever money you have an invest it in your needs not your wants. This way when the SHTF yet again you can rest easy knowing you and your family will be able to survive it.

On a personal note, I have spent a lot of money in the last few months, much more than I wanted too and I have gone without wants for longer. To be honest, I hate living like this. I'm sure most people do but this is where we are at in this country. This week I made a second trip to Costco along with Walmart to add to my stock and I thought I'd show you what I added to my stock to maybe give you some ideas on what to pick up. Also keep in mind, 
do not stock up on food items you or your family don't like or you know you will not eat. If you do that you may as well just go in the back yard and burn your money.

Months back I had some friends and family think I was blowing smoke when I told them to go out and stock up on meat. Some did and some didn't. Within two weeks of me telling others this, news hit there was a meat shortage. Limited quantities and the price of meat has also skyrocketed. Back then I filled my big upright freezer with all the meat it would hold. Those who blew me off are still scrambling to build a meat stock pile and they are paying high prices for one cut of meat now.

I know this post was long and I apologize for that I just had a lot to say and I have more to say which I will be posting about in the coming days. Please heed my advice and get what you can now.


  1. You are so wise to do this my friend. Take care we are all in this together and Heavenly Father is watching.

    1. Yes we sure are... My mom always told me better to be safe than sorry.. I hope all is well with you. Going to hop on over to your blog in a moment. XO

  2. I'm thinking the same way - I'm starting to restock my "when the SHTF" pantry just in case. It's crazy out there!

  3. Hi Debby
    Its beyond crazy, we are knee deep in evil... So glad you are prepping. XO

  4. Thanks for stopping by this morning to my blog. I always appreciate a new friend. I truly understand your post, and have been stocking our pantry too. Our oldest daughter does our Costco shopping, since my dearest is 82 and had CHF. We do not live in FEAR, but are certainly aware of what is going on around us. Now it's time for us Christians to really be courageous and bold in our stand for Christ. Love all the pictures of your Costco Run and see some things I've haven't tried. Thanks for a very informative post.

    1. Hi Wanda!
      My husband too has CHF he's 63 so I usually do the Costco run.. Like you, I'm not living in fear although it would be so easy to slip right into that. I"m living in awareness and trying with all my might to keep my focus and trust on the Lord because in truth He is the only one who will get us through no matter what it is...A bunch of us have decided to take one day a week and dedicate it to fasting and prayer because like the Lord tells us in scripture, some demons can only be fought with prayer and fasting and looking what's all around us in this country that just might be what's needed... Thank you so much for coming by Wanda


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