July 11, 2020

Good Bye YouTube

This morning I posted a video on my YouTube channel letting my subscribers know that I am leaving You Tube and why. 

Before I go any further I'd like to take a moment to welcome any and all YouTube subscribers who have come to my website to be with me here. I am so glad you're here!!

Now the reasons why I gave up YouTube. I"ll try and keep this brief. 

First and foremost it has to do with my faith and relationship with the Lord.  I've been taking online zoom / class meetings with a priest from St Philip Neri Oratory and we are reading letters written by St. Theophan the Recluse.  In these letters, St. Theophan is teaching a young woman how to have and keep a deep connection with God. And common sense tells one, if you fill your head with the noise of the world. ie: Social Media there's no room left to hear God. And that is the truth! If one truly wants to grow closer to the Lord in love, faith and prayer one must order ones life as best as possible to God and His will. Not the other way around which, is the way I have been trying to live. I can tell you first hand, it does not work. So one must try and detach from the world as much as one can depending on their station in life and responsibilities. Leaving YouTube is my first major decision and life change on this path. 

Secondly, In the current state our society finds itself in, if one does not go along with the leftist, globalist, Marxist ideology then one is censored. This has been happening to me on YouTube. Not only are my subscribers disappearing my videos are also being hidden so no one will see them. This is a violation of my freedom of speech. YouTube is a privately owned company and therefor it is up to 'their pleasure' who they allow and what content they allow to be seen on their platform. Okay, fair enough but it's my right as a consumer not to support a platform like this and that is exactly what I am doing. I am walking away from it. I understand my walking away is like spitting into the wind when it comes to YouTube but maybe if enough people get tired of these Nazi's who control YouTube and begin to walk away either YouTube will wake up and stop playing games or they'll be destroyed. Personally, I'm hoping for the latter.. 

Lastly, it's not only YouTube I'm walking away from. I have backed off significantly on Facebook, deleted TikTok weeks ago, and left Twitter to join Parler. Besides Parler, I"ll explain what that is in moment, logging into these platforms is like walking into the civil war without having to leave your home. Yes folks, we are in a civil war already if you don't realize it yet. Just take a good look around you. As I stated in my video, if you keep filling your head with garbage, all you'll get is garbage in your life. These social media platforms are also very good at sliding one straight into sin and I will be the first to admit that I am guilty. You begin conversing with someone over 'the current issue', you don't agree nasty words start flying between you and who knows how many others and soon you find yourself going against every single thing the Lord Jesus Christ has ever taught us. I for one no longer want to be on the wrong side of right..

What is Parler? Parler is a platform much like Twitter with a HUGE exception. It is a "Free Speech Network".. they do not have little nazi minions running around the platform deleting those who don't agree. Many, many people have joined Parler already so much so that last week Twitter was actually complaining about it because #Parler was trending... I can't help but laugh. So if you're someone who takes your freedom of speech seriously as every United States of America loving citizen should, consider joining Parler. 

So there you have it folks. The whole story in a nutshell.

Again, welcome to those who came over from YouTube. I am honestly so glad you're here.. 

Until next time....


  1. Loved this post! God bless you sweet one!

  2. Robyn, in case you don’t know my real name, Desiree is me, Deedee. Just wanted to let you know !❤️

    1. Yes I thought it was you.. Thank you so much for coming over to the blog Deedee.. I hope you have a very blessed Sunday and week my friend XO


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