July 13, 2020

I Was Never Taught...Part 2

Continuing on the journey.....

This is the second part from my original post here. If you haven't read it yet you may want to as the second part may not make sense to you unless you read the first.

As we left off in the original post, the new land that the new house we were living in for about a year or so after my fathers death was now sinking. My mom had no choice but to try and sell. She did not have the finances to have the land fixed. You can just imagine how much that would have cost. The house was quite large. It was what was called a "mother daughter' with an attached two car garage and a lot of property. Fixing the land was completely out of the financial question. 

It didn't take long for the house to sell once in went up on the market. Sadly for my mom, the people who bought it put her through the wringer. They had more complaints than they knew what to do with and most of it was purely nit picking. They were not kind people. Because of this my mom ended up loosing quite a bit of money due to delays and lawyers fees because of the delays.

We finally moved into another home in the same town. My brother and I were still in school and of course at our ages, I was eleven and my brother was almost fourteen, we did not want to have to change schools and leave friends and familiarity. This house never really felt like home to me but my mom did her best to make it so. We stayed in this home until I was seventeen years old. Lots had changed in those six years. Not long after moving into this home my brother brought home his friend who later became his girlfriend who later became pregnant with my first nephew. I was fifteen, my brother was eighteen and his girl was twenty.

These were lean years while living in this home. Mom always had a job. Nothing huge but enough to pay the bills, most of the time (there were times we had no electric and very cold nights with no heat) and put food on the table. Once my oldest nephew was born ,financially, things headed even further down the rabbit hole. Looking back I thought we had hit bottom before he was born, I never imagined you could fall down deeper. There was a baby, another mouth to feed and none of us was making enough money. So, mom put the house up for sale and bought a two family home in the next town over hoping that income from tenants would help.

At the time this was a good move. We were all working. Yes me as well and contributing what we could and then after being in this third home, the bottom collapsed yet again. Mom lost her job. That left only the three of us working and we were not making anywhere near enough money to pay the mortgage, the bills, care for the baby's needs and our own. The solution offered to my mom by an attorney, (now I understand the jokes about attorneys being at the bottom of the ocean being a good start) was to sell the house to my brother and his wife for one dollar to stop foreclosure.

She listened to the lawyer and did just that. They then took over the bottom floor, and myself and my mom moved into the apartment on the second floor. This was during the first Gulf War and Bush Sr. had almost half if not more of the country on unemployment benefits for what seemed like forever. So between my brother and sister in laws income, my moms unemployment and my income we were able to keep the house afloat. Mom was finally able to get a new job and things seemed to be looking up.

Not so fast said Murphy's law.... She was laid off approximately six months later.  We were back to three incomes and it was not enough.....

Stay tuned for part three coming soon! 


  1. Can’t wait for part three. An awesome look into your past. It is as if we were at a table having a cup of coffee together, and listening to you sharing your life! Blessings❤️ Deedee

    1. Hi Deedee... That's one of the best compliments you can give me. That is my goal for this blog. Thank you!!!

  2. It is amazing what we survive.

    1. Only by the grace of God... Amen :)


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