July 15, 2020

I'll Never Get Used Too It

There are some things in life a person can not get used too no mater how many times it happens to them or someone they know.

Hi friends, 

In this post today I wanted to share some sad news with you. There is a blog I have been reading for years. I had stepped away from blog land for quite a bit this year as spring and the planting season began but I have been back now quite regularly and so I began putting time aside to read the blogs I enjoy..

Last night I went to the blog "Living Rich On The Cheap" because I saw she had put up a new post. Her husbands mother had passed away a few weeks ago and they had to travel to the funeral. They had just gotten back a few days ago and I am sure her husband is still reeling from the pain of losing his mother.

At the same time this woman whose writing I have been reading for a long time had undergone some medical testing and she finally got the results and, it isn't good. She has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Just typing those two words sends a chill up my spine and sick feeling in my stomach. 

I lost my beloved mother to this damn cancer in only six months and it has struck again on a personal level. This woman whose blog I've followed is now facing the same sentence my mom was and I hate it. She knows what she is facing and she knows her time is short. This makes me so damn mad. 

I understand we all must die at some point and I also understand most of us will die of two things. Heart disease or cancer but this cancer is so cruel and so stealth it steals your life from you in the blink of an eye. I will never get used to learning someone has this type of cancer. Not ever.

So I ask you please keep "cheap chick" in your prayers and her family as well...


  1. It is a hard blow to all of us. Cancer is so devastating. All we can do is pray and have faith.

  2. I couldn't agree more


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