July 28, 2020

Life And Tomato Chips !

Life surely can get in the way of your plans.

I just checked and my last post was four days ago!... I don't like being away from my blog for that long anymore but, life does get in the way sometimes doesn't it?

Last week was a bit busy and this weekend I was just downright tired. July in South Carolina is hot and if you have a vegetable garden it's busy. Tending the garden, harvesting the fruit, putting up that fruit for long term storage, cooking etc. 

Then of course in the middle of all that one my dogs, my baby girl Sarah....
decides to go and sprain her foot. So it was a trip to the vet and since all this hysteria has begun with this virus a trip to the vet is now an all together new thing. No longer can you bring your animals into the office. You have to sit in your car, call them when you get there and wait for them to come out and get your pet. Well I don't know what's happened but it seems that not only does this virus make you sick it also makes you slow as paint drying on a humid day!... I had to wait a little more than an HOUR! for them to just come outside and get her. Believe me, I was not happy and neither was Sarah. I felt bad for her having to sit in the car with me all that time. She was nervous to begin with. I was so not happy about this. 

And of course after waiting an hour then waiting for them to look at her they call me on my cell as I am STILL outside and tell me they can't find anything wrong with her. They sent her home with some pain pills and said she just needs to rest. Well, I could of done that!. After having raised fourteen dogs in twenty two years you learn to keep certain medications etc on hand. But I guess it was best she was looked at anyway I just was so not pleased about how long it took. There was no reason on earth it should have taken that long. 

I rested most of the weekend and did a lot of reading. Yesterday, Monday, I did laundry all day and this morning I've been outside to water the garden, put up some egg plants we grew, some blueberries and for the first time I am trying to make tomato garlic basil chips in the oven. 

I"ll let you know how they come out. 


  1. Oh what a miserable time with your sweet Sarah. The heat, and having to sit in he car. Yikes! Glad it was not broken, and you are able to give her some pain medicine. I had to smile, as over our 59 years of marriage, I can't even begin to count all the pets we've had besides cats and dogs. Now we are petless. We do not plan to get any more, with our age, and my dearest's health issues. But we both miss our Molly a lot.
    I love eggplant. Did you can it in slices? I anxious to see our your tomato basil chips turn out.
    Hope you are feeling better after cleaning all those blinds yesterday.

    Have a great week. I love your visits.

    1. Hi Wanda!
      We weren't getting anymore dogs either. The only ones we had left four years ago were our two oldest males, biological brothers Matty and Jake who were lab mixes. Sweetest boys ever. When they were gone we were DONE! And then... One of my dogs, Toby was found by my neighbor as a tiny pup of 9 weeks stuck between his garage and fence, so we took him. Then we found out where he came from and went there. It was AWFUL. I don't even want to describe to you the conditions. Thats where we found Toby's biological sister who we named Sarah. She was 9 weeks completely malnourished, every bone in her body was sticking out. We rushed her to the vet and he said she was about a week away from dying. She had so many fleas she almost needed a blood transfusion. So I spent many months nursing back her physical and emotional health. One day while at the vet my sweet niece said to me "Oh we got a baby wanna see him?" I said NO! She said oh he's so cute lemme just go get him. (eyeroll) LOL She brought out the tiniest chihuahua mix and he was a wild child or so they said.No one could take him because everyone at the vet has multiple animals so of course we caved and took Alvin home. Who is the BIGGEST drama queen in the world yet the most loving dog. After that I was dropping some donations off at the local pound one day and I just "happened" to pass the puppy room in there was a little black puppy all by himself. Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone so I went in. That was it. He jumped on the cage for me, cried for me, licking me etc etc. Yep, he came home with me. His name is Bo. I didn't name him but he was already two years old and thats the name he knows so we kept it although I have a bout 200 nicknames for him. So we WERE done at one point LOL... I didn't can the eggplant. I sliced them up and them froze the individual slizes on a cookie sheet and when they were good and solidly frozen I then vacuum sealed them in a bag and put them back in the freezer which I will use for bakes eggplant parm. Thank you so much for coming over Wanda and I"m sorry I replied to you with a novel! LOL XO

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  2. You are such a fascinating lady!! Tomato garlic basil chips!! My word!
    I amgladyour Sarah was not seriously hurt! We have to sit in the car when we takeour kitties in for their shots and all.Guess they will need to be spayed and chipped soon!

    1. Hi Linda!....
      I don't mind it too much sitting outside if it didn't take so long. When we were able to go in the office it never took so long so I don't understand it... Yes, spayed and chips are a good idea! I have all my dogs fixed and chipped even though they stay in our yard and house, you never know when one might get brave and decide to take off out the door.. Thank you so much for coming by and commenting Linda. I hope you and Louis Dean are well today. XO

  3. OK, now I am gonna have to try some tomato chips! I am trying so hard to stay away from potato chips, cookies and breads this week. This would be a great alternative!

    1. Give them a try. You may end up loving them! Thank you so much for coming by Lisa and commenting :) XO

  4. Now that I've found your blog, I'll be back to read older posts. You are such a busy lady. I'm so glad your baby girl Sarah is going to be okay. It breaks my heart to see an animal hurting. I did do a bit of reading and I think you are wise to get a generator. I have one just big enough to keep the refrigerators and freezer going along with a few lights. I also have a personal generator that I keep in my living room for my oxygen, etc. One never knows. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. HI Edna!
      It's SO good to see you here! I just love reading your blog every day.. Yes our generator will do about the same. I'm not too worried about much else except keeping my freezers and refrigerator going. XO


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