September 21, 2020

Death Of A Garden, A New Look And A Broken Toe


Well it seems like there's a lot of makeovers going on for me. 

I've made over my blog somewhat which is still a work in progress and the other day I got tired of my hair and went and had it all cut off as you can see. Next I think I will change the color. I had my hair short like this some years back and swore I'd never do it again. I have always had long hair and I missed my long hair. Well when my hair finally started getting really long this year it had changed as everything does. Age and hormones are playing a huge part in that for me. Yes it was long again but it was much thinner, more dry and frizzy and it just didn't look good on me at all anymore so off it went. I wonder if Henry VIII said that when he decided to behead Ann Bolyen? As you can see my thoughts are just everywhere and no where.. Moving on...

Our garden is finished and it turned out to be a bad growing year for us and the whole time I couldn't understand why. Tomato plants put forth basically nothing and anything they did put forth were small and the mocking birds and worms got to them before I did, the eggplants are still coming in but they are coming in rotted on the vine. I have to pull them out yet. However, for some reason we have had an absolute bumper crop of Banana Peppers and Shashito Peppers this year. Here's the garden in it's clean up process

I had to let most of those pots dry out in the sun. I was still stumped on what happened to the tomatoes and eggplants this year, just couldn't figure it out. That is until, I began pulling up the weed cover on the ground underneath and look what I found....

That green you see friends is mildew. Seems this plot of land in my yard has poor drainage and with having the weed cover on the ground the water had no where to go so it rotted the dirt and my plants. Well will NOT be planting here next year.

Surprisingly the egg plant plants are still producing but not anything of substance.

And last but not least, I think my big toe is broken... I was playing with my dog Toby on Saturday night. He likes me to kick his ball through the room as I am washing the dishes in the kitchen. Well, I went to kick it, I missed it and smashed my big toe into the floor which got caught on the rug as it was bent from the joint. It hurt so bad I fell over and it knocked the wind out of me. As of today my big to from the knuckle joint to the tip of my toe is now a nice blue and purple color.. eh, I like blue and purple.

Until tomorrow.....


  1. First, I like your new look. Second, ouch! That toe must really hurt. Sorry 'bout that. As for your garden, wow, I never heard of that mildew in the dirt. I did not plant anything this year because I never get anything from my plants. The few tomatoes that do grow, well the critters get them before I do. My daughter Deanne plants her tomatoes and things hanging upside down and she gets lots of tasty tomatoes and things. Next year will be better for you. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Hi Edna,
      Yes, next year we will have either a green house or raised beds or both ❤

  2. OH MERCY!!---your poor toe! Is it feeling any better yet? I have done similar playing with our dogs......also sometimes they get all excited and forget where they are jumping/stepping and OUCH DOES IT EVER HURT to have those big PAWS COME DOWN ON BARE FEET. ouch. Anyway, hope your toe/foot is getting better. Soak in ice water with epsom salts maybe?? I love love love your new's adorable on you and the color you have really brings out your eye color. You really went for a short from long 'do, big change.....very brave! And I say, yes, it was worth it. So sorry bout your garden. Well, e learn by doing and next year you will know to try something different. All our "eating vegetables" in our kitchen garden this year started in the ground, and Mr Front Porch transferred them to a raised bed later on. We are getting dozens of green peppers and the red peppers, our "maters" didn't fare so well. Hopefully better luck next year on the tomatoes. One year we planted tomatoes and they grew up to about 12 feet tall, never seen anything like it. I was frying up fried green "maters" like crazy and they were growing so quickly.....THEN.......the "bad bugs" came and we just couldn't save what was left. Nasty red and black bugs I think they were. You just never know with gardens what will happen from year to year I guess. Our "pretty plants" and flowers mostly did great this year....but some we just have no luck with such as sunflowers---the critters always steal the seeds PLUS something dug up made off with our canna bulbs this year too, we only ended up with a few cannas, not my "dream canna bed" like I'd hoped for, LOL LOl!! My morning glories didn't do well but the moon flowers actually did which surprised me. We also planted trees and bushes this year which is something new for us, so far, so good on those.

    1. Oh yes, I've had the heavy paws come down on my feet and can't forget the nails digging into your foot when they decide to take off running from your foot! LOL....It seems a lot of people had bad luck with tomatoes this year but great luck with peppers.. Must be the year for peppers...I planted some sunflowers as well this year and they didn't fair too well...Next year I'd like to plant some dwarf fruit trees and I'm hoping they will do well..

  3. the short hair is really cute on you. I've never broken anything but that sound painful!

  4. How is your toe doing? And might I say again, just how wonderful you new hair cut looks! You've had so much rain this year and with the mildew... good lord! Your poor garden. I still think it looked amazing though. I love seeing it each year.


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