September 23, 2020

It's a Dogs Life


They are something else aren't they ? Such a tough life. .. We are missing one because he was inside laying with my husband when I took this photo. This was taken after everyone had eaten dinner.. Imagine that if we could all go and take a nap every night after dinner...

Today was a little bit busy, mostly emotionally busy not as much physical until later on. I did my usual morning routine, cooked hubby breakfast (bacon, eggs and toast this morning) We had coffee then I cleaned up the kitchen, washed dishes and put in two loads of laundry. In between all this the phone was ringing between my sister in law and my niece. They have a very, very sweet little dog named Sebastian. He' s a yorkie and maltese mix. In my twenty years of raising dogs I have never come across a more sweet sweet boy than him.

He also has a very serious health condition called ITP and now the treatment for that has caused diabetes. So, they are dealing with a lot up there in New Jersey and not handling it well. My family, whom I love so very dearly is , gosh I don't even know how to explain it. Let's just say if you had a room full of Italians ( Im Italian) all talking (screaming) at once you'd leave with a migraine. Well in my house it only takes three of them to give you a migraine so I was dealing with that this morning.

Then a few weeks ago I bought a kit to do gel nail polish a home. It worked and my nails looked great for the last two weeks but today it was time to take it off because they had grown out. What a mess. I can't do it. I do not have the strength in my hands. That took up about two hours of my time and I was not happy. I did finally get it all off and now my nails are ruined. So I will not be doing that again.

Tonight, I thought gee, easy night. I don't have to cook. I have left over hamburger helper (not the box kind. I make my grandmothers) in the freezer. Well it was going to be an easy night until I saw this one outside in the yard rolling around in the dirt..Soon as he came in, right into the sink he went!.

Poor baby, so tuckered out from being given a bath and pampered. We should all be so lucky. I finally sat down and have been enjoying my time visiting your blogs. I am having a dilemma and not sure what the answer is. Do you think it's best to post a blog post in the mornings or at night? My mornings always get so busy but then if I feel if I post at night about the day I will be behind one day in posting on my blog. What do you think?



  1. Those doggies are so precious. As to a time for blogging, I can't really say. I try to post in the morning, or at least by early afternoon. After that, I just wait until the next morning. If I wait till evening to post, I'd probably doze off before I got my post done. I guess the best time is whatever time is best for you. Hug those beautiful doggies, Edna B.

  2. Hi Edna,
    Thank you. All if my dogs are rescues and while they can be quite a handful and keep me very busy they can also be a joy... I love posting to my blog but for me it seems the desire to write always hits me at night. Probably because thats when things finally quiet down from the day. Have a good night Edna and a good sleep. ❤

  3. Ooohh... I agree the gel nail polish is such a mess. Your babies look exhausted. Homemade hamburger helper? That sounds wonderful! That's so funny that your family is like that. Ours is sooo quiet. As far as posting, I think a at night. I think it would be ok to be behind a day. Just my opinion. <3 (((HUGS)))

  4. You are brave to do your own nails. I ruin mine every time. I started getting the SNS powder nails from the salon. They will not come off without taking your nail with them. Haha. I have them remove them for me when its time.
    As far as blog post, I am usually random with mine but If I get ahead of myself and schedule a post, I time it to come live early morning. I have often wondered too what the best time to post is.

  5. Love the dogs. I can't post at night I am too tired.

  6. Your puppies are adorable! For your nails, you might try Color Street nail strips or just google nail strips. The go on very easy and when it comes time to take them off you can easily remove them...and sometimes even reuse them.

  7. I post at random times because I am tired or busy. I end up posting about half of two days and I hate that. So, I don't know what time is best. I just use polish because I don't do a very good job. I would hate to have gel all over my fingers.

  8. It must be very festive atmosphere of your home with that many dogs :).

    Usually I post my spare time for blogging. So I don't have to always post in the morning, and vice versa.
    Have a good day.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  9. Oh look at all the sweet doggies!! they look full of supper, relaxed and happy! It looks like our floor too....dogs all stretched out, dogs strewn all over, happy dogs lazing about LOL!When one or more big dogs STREEEEEEEEEEETCH out, they take up the whole floor, ha ha. HOW IS YOUR TOE?? Hope it didn't hurt today. Post day or night?---I don't care as long AS YOU POST!! HA HA lol. hAPPY HAPPY WEEKEND!

  10. PS-the sunflower sign was at a harris teeter grocery, do y'all have those over there? Not sure if they would sell the sign it was part of the display, but sometimes they will sell stuff like that when they take the display down

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