October 29, 2020

Fall Decorating


Hello friends and family.

Like many of you one of my favorite times of year is fall. I also love Winter and Spring but fall is my favorite. It's that time of year when the air begins to get that small bite of a chill in it, the leaves start to teach us that change isn't always a bad thing and sooner than we know it we will step outside and smell the wonderful scent of someone's fireplace burning for warmth.  Mind you, here in the South we are still waiting for all these things to happen but it will come. I thought I would share with you today some of my small fall decorations. 

I don't have much because I have a major dislike of clutter but I have a few things. 

That's a flower arrangement I made for my dining room table with flowers I bought at Dollar General. The old watering can I've had for years along with the tray.

And I finally, finally, got myself a Red Truck. I want others but this one will do for now. Its actually a cookie jar. The pumpkins lift off and you put the cookies inside the back of the truck.

These are a couple of cute hand towels I also found at Dollar General to hang in my kitchen. 

And lastly, here is another small flower arrangement I made for our master bathroom from the same flowers I bought at Dollar General. Again, the pitcher is something I've had for years.

I would like to pick up some more fall décor but as it is, the stores already have Christmas out. It's such a shame that the world moves so fast and doesn't slow down enough to appreciate the days as they come. As for my house, we will...

I hope you enjoyed my little fall décor. 


  1. So beautiful Robyn. Hope you, Lou and the puppies are doing well. Big hugs, oxoxo

  2. Your decorations are beautiful. I love that truck cookie jar. I've never seen one of those before. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. that is a really cute cookie jar

  4. Looks great, sis! I'm loving the truck. So cute!!

  5. Love your decorating!!!

  6. I haven't done any decorating. I'm just Blah lately and can't seem to get out of it. Looks pretty, though.

  7. I love your ideas here. I’m like you, I don’t like clutter so I’m not big on decorating though when the time comes, I always wish I had things to decorate with. No one ever visits and we live on a dead end road so I don’t usually do a lot.

  8. I especially like using old containers for arrangements.

  9. you did a great job, Robyn--pretty pretty decorations! This year I did good as I did get all our Fall decor out I think it was the first week of September....I love to do it early as possible so we can enjoy it for a good while before all the Christmas decorations come out. Do you have a fireplace?

  10. I love your fall decorations. I have been so slow getting things up because I am deep cleaning and then decorating as I go. I've got to get to it, though, or it will be Christmas before I do!

  11. Robyn are you okay??--you haven't posted in many many days. Just checking on you....

    1. Thank you so much for asking about me. It's been rough. I plan on putting a post up to explain why I've been absent. Thank you so much. It means so much to me you cared enough to ask XOXO

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