December 14, 2020

Fatigue Pain And A Sense Of Accomplishment.


Hello friends and family! 

It's Sunday night December the 13th and nine thirty pm when I am writing this but you'll most likely read it on Monday December 14th. As I write this my eyes are cloudy and my brains kind of feel like play-doh because it's been a super busy four days and I am barely conscious as this point so if some of this doesn't make sense, forgive me. I could have waited to write this post but with Christmas coming I don't know when I will be able to sit down and blog so I am writing some post tonight for this week.

As I write tonight I am in pain in every inch of my body, exhausted to the point it's hard to keep my eyes open and this is all the end result of what we have done over the last four days. 

It was my husbands birthday on December the 10th. He turned sixty three this year. We had our friends Bill and Linda come over to join us for some coffee and birthday cake. It was a nice day and evening.

The cake was delicious I was told and while I couldn't eat any of it I did have a couple tastes of the whip cream which was lovely!....

On Friday my husband decided it was time to clean out our old shed that is been standing and half falling down since we moved into our home a little over seventeen years ago. It was one of those projects that through the years you look at it and because there's ....much... you become overwhelmed and shut the door. Well hubby decided we weren't shutting the door anymore. We began Friday afternoon. Tons of plastic tubs and old boxes from when we moved here (yes they still had stuff in them) old tools, yard tools, fishing equipment, roller blades!, old outdoor Christmas decorations, old baby blankets, family items that had been passed down all out on the back lawn. And so began the tedious work of going through it all.

By the time all was said and done Saturday morning, most of it was loaded on our friends trailer for the dump as a lot of it was just old, broken or ruined from sitting so long or had gotten wet from leaks in the shed roof. Saturday morning at ten am we hooked up the trailer and headed to the dump to start unloading.

Early that evening I went through a few of the plastic tubs and I found the small amount of items my mom had accumulated during her life. Let me show you some.

In this photo is a set of copper pots and the rest is A LOT of items from an old silver plated serving set my mom bought in either the 1960's or 1970's. Everything was terribly, terribly tarnished. I had a decision to make. Keep it and try and save it all or, think realistically about it and get rid of it all. I chose to think realistically, sort of. The silver serving pieces I tried to clean with tarnish remover to no avail and then I thought to myself, what are you nuts? Firstly, I can't get it clean. There is so much tarnish the only thing that's going to clean it off is going to be acid. Secondly, these are not items that your mom really treasured so much. Oh sure she used them when my brother and myself were little children because our family was big back then but once the late eighties hit this stuff rarely came out. Thirdly, I will NEVER use these pieces. I don't entertain and lastly, why would I kill myself to clean these things only to put them in a cabinet so they can take up space so I can pull them out in 5 years, clean them again and then put them back in a closet again? Nope, wasn't doing it. So yes, this all went to the dump with me. 

All except the copper pots. That's a whole other story for another post. 

I did however keep the things I knew meant something to my mom for whatever reason. She did not have much in life but she did have a few things she treasured...

Like this tea set.

Sure, it's got broken pieces that mom glued back together at some point because she would let her little granddaughter play with it but it's still pretty I think and I know she loved this little set so now it sits out on my bakers rack. All clean and pretty for everyone to see. 

And then there are these. 

These blue dishes from London that she just loved and always had displayed on her dry sink for as long as I can remember. Now, they are all cleaned and sparkling again , still sitting on her dry sink that now sits in my house. The little Christmas decorations are also my moms and I remember her putting them out every year.  As I said, my mom did not have much in this life, nothing extravagant or expensive but what she had she treasured and now I do too because she did first.

I am SO happy to report that the seventeen year eye sore of what was once a shed is now empty and just has to be taken away. My husband and I are both in a lot of body pain and exhausted but we also have a sense of accomplishment which makes it all worth it. 


  1. Hooray Robyn. It is hard to go thru things and throw stuff away. But we should and donate also. I am at a point , That if I were not so busy with Ted and his health issues I would start throw things away or giving them away. Your mother's things are pretty. Things we spend our money on should be treasured. Many young people do not want our old treasures these days. Get rested. Nlessings to you and your birthday boy. xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi Susie!
      Well, that what I plan on starting next week. The old shed is what kicked it off and now I want to work in the house. Clean out all the closets, cabinets etc. If I haven't used it, don't need it or love it, it will either get donated, sold or thrown out. I have found myself this year just looking for a more simple environment. We spend so much time on the things we own which could be spent in better ways. For me, less stuff means less stress. Thank you for coming by Susie and thank you for the birthday wishes for my husband! :) XO

  2. I think you totally made the right decision with the silver stuff. Her dishes and tea set you kept are lovely. Rest up and enjoy your Christmas :)

    1. Thank you so much and a very very blessed Christmas to you and yours :) XO

  3. Hi Robin. I did the same thing with our storage locker. I could not believe the stuff I had in there. Threw out some and donated some. I even found my father's lawn bowling balls in there and he has been gone for 11 years. Why did I keep them....I don't know. Now... the locker is clean and organized with things we use. I love it. Next...the house in the spring.
    Be safe, big hugs, D..

    1. I think a lot of us because of the virus have stayed home and we've been forced to see just how much 'stuff' we have and I think we realize that's a little ridiculous.. My husband wanted to keep his roller blades from the 1980's!.. LOL I said are you kidding? He was like, well maybe some kid will want them.. I was like, um no, honey they dont' use them anymore LOL XO

  4. Oh Robyn how lovely. What a treasured memory. You had a great mom and it shows, becasue you are a great person.

    1. Oh thank you so much, that was so sweet of you to say XO

  5. I understand how the years fly by and things take time to get to. Congrats on getting it done! Beautiful dishes. May you rest up. Happy Birthday to your hubby. My husband celebrates 66 yrs in a few days. I can't wrap my head around how old we are getting. Blessings to you,

    1. Thanks Deana!.... Yeah, time sure does fly.. We met when I was 27 and he was 39. I can't believe he is now into his 60's and I am 50.. I look back and think, where did it all go ?

  6. that was a big job to tackle! You did find a few treasures the pretty tea set and her pretty Christmas decorations! My favorites are the beautiful BLUE PLATES tho...I just love those. Happy birthday to your husband and I hope you are resting up and get to feeling better, take care of yourself!

  7. I love your mom's dish sets. You really should use them before passing them along to another family member later on. Her little Christmas figurines are beautiful. Enjoy the memories. Here's hoping your aches and pains will go away soon. Happy Birthday to hubby. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

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