January 18, 2021

I'm Going Back


Hello Friends and Family ! 

Good gosh! Two posts in one week. We gotta stop meeting like this.... So, are any of you as old as me that you remember the Coke and Pepsi wars?

These days it's the Apple and Android Wars. Both for cell phones and tablets. I do have a Samsung android Tablet which I love, would have liked an iPad but finances being what they were at the time, the Samsung was cheaper and does all I need it to do.. As for cell phones? Now that's a whole other animal.

I used to be a Samsung android girl. Not for any other reason in particular in that most of the time I never got involved in electronics, that was hubby's department and if he said it was good, I said okay.

Well, last year I decided to switch to an iPhone and to my surprise I liked it. I actually liked it. (Hey Mikey! He likes it! um hmm, yes, I'm old) ... I was also told when I bought my Samsung tablet that I would be able to use it along with my phone so I could send text messages and make phone calls through my tablet. That turned out not to be true but eh, I didn't mind. Not for a while anyway.

Now I do believe the iPhone has some pretty large disadvantages to a Samsung Android Phone but then they may not be important to you like they are to me. For instance, you can't customize your iPhone ring tone. That I don't like.  Also, you can't expand the memory which means if you have a boat load of photos on your iPhone and your storage is out you have two choices. Remove the photos from the phone or pay Apple a fee every month to keep them in a cloud. I also do not like that Apple seems to nickel and dime you for anything you want to add to your phone if you are able to.

Whereas with Samsung or Android operating system  you can pretty much customize everything, memory is pretty good and can be expanded as well.

I decided a month ago to go back to a Samsung S20 Android because I was very frustrated with all of the above and I wanted it to work with my tablet. The problem is, there is one huge issue I have with every single android phone I've ever had which, I had forgotten about. They will not hold a call in my home! I am constantly dropping calls within 2 minutes.

So while I do have some issues with iPhone as I stated above there are also a few things I really, really liked about it. Firstly, the operating system is extremely user friendly and the biggest issue, I never, ever dropped a call with my iPhone in my home. I could use it all day long and never lose a call. So I don't know what the problem is with Android but I have decided I am switching back to the iPhone XR. I don't care that it won't work with my Samsung tablet, I realize I don't really use that feature on my tablet as much as I thought I would.

I will put up with the annoyances that come with having an iPhone but be very happy knowing I will always be able to connect a call when I want to.

So tell me, are you an Apple or Android lover?


  1. I have not crossed the great divide yet. I have a trac phone for now.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Apple. I have ipad mini too. All texts I can see on both, except for some reason's my dd's will not come through or let me send to her on the ipad. I can't figure out why. We both have Verizon, but she has an android.

  3. Who knows, our daughter gave it to me, and I use it!! I think it's Android. Samsong Galaxy

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  5. I have a iPhone and I like it very much but yes, I have some issues with it. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to the old flip phone. I don't do so well with too many choices.

  6. I'm an Apple girl, all the way! iPhone, iPad, Air Pods & Mac Book. They all communicate seamlessly and I've not had any issues. My husband waffles between products and likes the Samsung phone best but prefers and iPad to a Samsung tablet.

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