April 30, 2021

My Bible Study Sources


Hello friends and family.

I have had many people ask me what materials I use to study the Scriptures and today I thought I would share with you what I am currently using each or at least I try every day study. 

As most of you know I am a Roman Catholic Christian so the first source I use and begin with each day is the Roman Catholic Missal. In here are all the readings for each day of the year that the entire Church reads every day. It also includes many many prayers and devotions as well as the Mass it self. 

Then after I read the readings for the day I move onto the Bible Recap which I am REALLY enjoying!  It's a one year guide to the entire bible and I love how the author Tara- Leigh Cobble has put this all together and her commentary. it's very easy to understand and answers many questions I have about certain scriptures. 

And of course I couldn't have any Scripture reading or study without a bible right? I own many bibles but currently I am using the New Revised Standard Version. In truth I don't always like the updated language it uses but I do find it is a very easy bible to understand. 

Do you have any special materials you use for your Scripture study? If you do will you please share them in the comments for myself and others?


  1. Hi Robyn. My Bible studies have varied through the years. As of date I like using the King James Version. I have a Strong's Concordance if I want to dig into the meaning of a word. I'm keeping it simple and am staying Home not going to a Bible Study with others. I have gone to Bible Studies through the years and for now I am embracing Home. Blessings to you, d

  2. Robyn, love that you are using the missal. I am using the New Jerusalem Bible because I love the translation....I have found that some of the other Bibles I have used I don't enjoy the translation when I feel that is is paraphrased for lack of a better word....I also use the Catholic Study Bible to go even deeper and I always say a prayer to the Holy Spirit first before reading and ask that he enlightened me.....It is a process....I have read through certain scriptures and when I go back months or a year later I always see something new....I kinda think that is the way it is suppose to be but very interesting....God Bless you ...:-)...Debbie

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