April 23, 2021

Birthday Presents


Hello friends and family,

My birthday was on April 18th and I turned........fifty-one.... *cough* that was a tough one to swallow. Where do the years go? Just yesterday I was eighteen wasn't I?

I thought I would share with you what I picked out for my birthday this year. I had some things I thought I wanted but then I decided to get something or somethings that last so I chose to go to our local nursery and get the one thing I have wanted for quite a few years and one surprise item I didn't know I wanted until I saw it...

This is my mimosa tree! Yes I know, everyone says, 'they're so pretty but they're so messy!".. I don't care how messy they are. I think they are incredibly beautiful from the way God designed the leaves to the flowers He put on them. So I could give a hoot about any mess. The beauty and aroma outweighs it..

Right now he's a little guy but in a couple seasons he will be big and beautiful. I can't wait! 

Then, as we were walking out this plant I had never seen before caught my eye. It was the only one there and I knew I had to have it. You know, kinna like the last little puppy in a cage at the shelter and the last thing you need is another dog but you take it home anyway?Yeah, kinna like that.. It's called a Pink Polka Dot Plant or so I am told and it must be female because it's temperamental. *laughs* It doesn't like sun or cold. So it's an indoor plant. Isn't she a beauty! 

I don't know what kind of pot to get her though nor how big it should be. Any gardeners out there? Can you give me some advice please? 

Here's a close up of one of the leaves. I just think she's beautiful.

 I have to come up with a name for her. Yes I name my plants. Hey, don't knock it. I've had a spider plant alive for over twenty five years, his name is King Arthur and yes I talk to him. *laughs*
Any suggestions on a name for her?


  1. I wish you a Happy Birthday and lots of years of enjoyment with your beautiful Mimosa tree. One year I planted a twiggly little tree, and now it is huge and simply gorgeous when it gets ready to blossom. Its a blossoming cherry tree. I think your pink polka dot plant is really pretty too. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Hi Edna.. We planted a cherry tree in our yard years ago as well because when I was a little girl we had one in our backyard and it was so big it shaded the entire yard and went almost over the house a little...Unfortunately the one we planted here in our house is not the same type which I didn't know when I bought it but it's just as pretty and it's gotten very large over the years.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Lady!!! The Mimosa tree is gorgeous. Fantastic pick. Also the plant is lovely. I'm alright with naming plants and talking to them. Dottie or simply Pink come to mind for names, but I know you'll come up with a name that fits.

    1. Hi Deanna.. Thank you so much!.. Dottie.. How funny you picked that name..LOL We call my sister in law "Dottie" because her name is Dorothy.. I kinna like that for a name for the plant..

  3. Happy belated birthday old girl! *snort*

    1. LOL Thank you from one old girl to another...LOL We gotta stick together..

  4. happy happy birthday Robyn, hope your day was super happy and best wishes for a brand new and safe/healthy/happy new year. I love your mimosa tree, great choice! They are so delicate and dainty, love them. The other plant is pretty too, I'm pretty sure I've had those in some of my outdoor pots and/or windowboxes and I think they did ok. I do love the pretty pink and green leaves.

  5. happy birthday robyn!! i am in much worse shape, i was 50 and now i am 62...when and how did that happen?!?!

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