May 7, 2021

They're Here !


Hello dear friends and family. I am so excited to share this with you today! 

I FINALLY got my blueberry bushes!.. I've been wanting to get some for the last few years but every time I would go out on the hunt for them they are always sold out. But this year, I finally got them. I was out at Lowes last week to pick up something for my husband and I thought, "let me go into the garden center just to see if they have any" and sure enough they did! They are small but that's okay with me. They will grow. My husband, God love him, he planted these for me this past Saturday in the yard near the fence so that we can make sort of like a netted cage over them to keep the birds out. We will have to do the same with the tomatoes as I refuse to fight the mocking birds this year for my tomatoes or anything else! 

This guy here is kind of tall, not producing anything yet but I have faith he will.

Then we have this little guy here who is already producing! 

This little guy has two or three of these clusters of berries on him already. These are Emerald Blueberries so they should get nice and big. I can't wait to eat them! 

As you can see I am very excited about these two small blueberry bushes. It may not seem like much to most but to me it's a lot...Im pretty easy to please.. Thank goodness for my husband I am. *laughs*


  1. Last year, I could never find any for our area. Hopefully, I can this year. Yours look delicious right now.

  2. I planted some a couple years ago and nothing ever became of them. I hope you get lots of blueberries. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Congrats on the blueberries! They will be delicious when the time comes. I'm very happy for you.

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