May 5, 2021

And So It Begins


Hello dear friends and family.

Well, we are taking the leap one more time only this time will be different from the last.

Yup, we are getting chickens again. We had some years ago but we had too many. My husband, I love him but when he does something he likes to do it big.. Doesn't matter what it is he goes full hog and sometimes, well, a lot of times, that's not such a good thing. At one point we ended up with sixteen chickens and more eggs than we knew what to do with. Now for some sixteen chickens isn't a lot but for just the two of us it's way more then we would ever need. I was boiling eggs, making egg salad, soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, frittata's, giving eggs away. You name it. if it had eggs in it I was making it.

So, when the husband mentioned he'd like to have chickens again and, I would also I said okay but this time only two or three. That's all we need. He agreed and so he has begun building the chicken coop.

As a side note, I'm so glad I married a man who is incredibly handy and has a lot of carpentry knowledge with the tools to go along with it. 

And this here is the foundation. I will update as the process moves along. 

My only request with this coop was that it would be as easy as possible to get into and to clean. My husband is going to put this up on sturdy legs about waist high for me and then he will have it where the whole front and top of the coop will open up towards the back so I can just reach in with ease and a clear view and reach of everything inside. 

Getting chickens again is a good thing for us now because with my swallowing disorder I am able to eat eggs and I do eat a lot of them and I also give my dogs soft boiled eggs about two times a week as a soft boiled egg is a super food for them but they must be soft boiled to get the most nutrition so I make them four minute eggs. And I'm tired of paying expensive prices for the organic cage free pasture raised eggs at Costco for the dogs. I know, it may seem insane to spend that kind of money on your dogs eggs but they are our family and if I wouldn't eat it they don't eat it. Having chickens again will provide a great source of food for us and them and save us a bit of money as well.

Do you have any chickens? If so, have any advice for me?


  1. I grew up with chickens. My mom made so many things with eggs, but her trademark was her homemade angel food cakes. How nice that you have a "handy" man for a husband. When we were in ministy the deacons always said "Don't give Pastor Don tools" HaHa...He was better sticking to preaching. HaHa...My Dad was a fix everything kind of man!!!

  2. I have 4 chickens and it's too much eggs, haha! I give them away all the time, but they are nice to have when I need them. I'm sure 2-3 chickens will be perfect for you :)

  3. No chickens for us, but my daughter has quite a few and has started sharing eggs. I don't know much about chickens other than I like watching them from afar. Robyn, I'm sorry to hear that you have some trouble swallowing. With no thyroid occasionally I have trouble swallowing. Not fun.
    Have a sweet week,

  4. My father could make or repair anything and had the tools. He built a house for us, furniture, toys. Ex could not hammer in a nail. Why do you have trouble swallowing?

  5. I wish I could have chickens. My dog Laydee, would catch them and kill them or bark and terrorize them all day.

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