April 16, 2021

Covid Hits Home......Again


Hello friends and family, 

I wish I were coming to you with better news but alas, I am not... Covid has hit home for us once again. 

I had it severely in January of 2020 before we really knew what it was. It almost took me out and had me sick until March of 2020....

In December of 2020 my nephews fiancé contracted it and then passed it to her mother who sadly, ended up with an extremely severe case and lost her life on Christmas Day....

Now as of this writing, my niece who is thirty years old has tested positive. She's been sick since about Tuesday of this week feeling like her breathing was not good and she got her results today. This concerns me a great deal for her of course but it concerns me even more for my brother who is fifty three and even more so for my sister in law who is fifty seven and doesn't not have the best lungs as she battled childhood asthma until she was approximately twenty one when pregnancy seemed to cure it although, every year she battles bronchitis and or pneumonia.

If you would be so kind as to keep them all in your prayers. We are a small family and all we have is each other. I couldn't bare too lose one of them.

God bless you and thank you ..



  1. That is so sad. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Just said a prayer for your loved ones. I'm sorry they are ill. Robyn, I believe I had covid in December 2019, January 2020 through March with some lingering symptoms. I'm beginning to wonder if this contributed to having a left atrial enlargement and didn't know it until recently after getting a EKG. It was a horrendous cough I had and was rough to say the least. I hope you are doing so much better, my friend.

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