April 28, 2021

Do You Love Correctly ?


Hello friends and family...

I'm back again today to share with you yet another Scripture that I am currently studying that made me stop and think and I am hoping it will do the same for you....

In Leviticus 25 :35 God talks about our family members or even friends who fall into difficulty and what we are to do with them. God says, " If any of your kin fall into difficulty and become dependent on you, you shall support them ; they shall live with you as though resident aliens. Do not take interest in advance  or otherwise make a profit from them but fear your God; let them live with you. You shall not lend them money at interest taken in advance, or provide them food at a profit."

God tells us in no uncertain terms we are to care for our loved ones and to do whatever it takes to make that happen.. Sadly, in todays societies we ignore them. We don't help them even if we have an abundance to do so and we do not make the sacrifices we should to help others. We here in the west have become so complacent and spoiled in our abundance. God is telling us that we are to provide for those in need out of what we already have because what we already have does not belong to us. it belongs to God. Be it food, money, a home, clothing, cars etc. All we have comes from God. Some will say, "but I worked hard for those things". Yes. Yes you did but, God is the one who gave you the ability to work hard for those things so no, these things do not belong to you they belong to God and whatever he has freely given you, you are to freely give to those in need. See how that works?

So many times I have seen people say they can't help a family or friend in need because after all they don't have much. Oh but you do. You have more than those in need. So you provide what little you can and leave the rest to God to provide for them AND for you.. There are times I see some say, "Well I don't have the time to care for my parents because of my job, or children to care for, or my husband, or my wife etc etc. And it truly breaks my heart. I know there are some situations where it is completely impossible to care for another but those are few and far between. We ALWAYS have something to give.

I was raised in a time where family and friends were the upmost important, after God. And when it came to family and friends you did whatever you had to, to care for them even if it meant quitting a job or relocating. You took care of your own. Tragically it seems so many no longer live by this. We as a society have become so self consumed with ourselves and "self love" we have forgotten that is not what we were put here for.

God teaches us all we need to know to live this life and to have eternal life with Him and His Son . Most importantly he teaches us how to love one another. 


  1. Even if our family members are scattered, when the chips are down, we all come together. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. it is wonderful that you find great strength in scripture. family and sunday dinners, where did they go??

    this is a link to my blog on the butterflies. i do raise them and the one pictured is one of mine!


    1. Hi Debbie!
      Oh the Sunday dinners... Growing up (grew up in a large Italian family) on Sundays it was time to go to my Aunts house. She would have dinner all ready by 2 or 3 pm then desert and coffee for the adults and maybe a sandwich later on at night if you got hungry.. I miss those days but sadly most have passed away and the younger generations are too busy with themselves to want to join in but I'm glad I grew up that way... Oh I can't wait to read about the butterflies and the one you posted about today was gorgeous!!

  3. Love is priceless and it is the most important thing we have to give to others. xo Laura

  4. This is so true. The savior taught us to love and help each other, even strangers when we can.

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  6. Amen sister, Amen! Great post and so true. What in the world has happened to us as a society? never mind.......we KNOW what has happened. Have a real nice day over there---it's warm and sunny here!

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