April 12, 2021

Planting Time In The South !


Hello friends and family!

Please excuse my absence but it's been planting time here in the South! Finally! Let me show you what we've been up too.

It all began with these....This year we purchased two three tier raised garden beds off Amazon. With the heat in the south in June, July, August into September and my body if we were going to have a garden this year there was no way I was going to be able to plant in the ground. It's just way too much on me physically this year so I decided everything is going into raised beds and pots. Below is my husband who lovingly filled the beds with the beautiful rich soil we purchased from a local nursery.

Once the beds and pots were filled the fun began. Let me give you a small tour. I am doing companion gardening this year to try and keep pests away as much as possible. In some of  the beds and the most of the pots I have planted Tomato plants along with Basil. This combination I am told confuses the ever relentless green horn tomato worm because they don't like the smell of the basil so they slink off away. I also put a marigold in each which also helps with pests as well.

In the top tier of the beds we have two tomato plants, two basil plants, one brussel sprout plant in each and marigolds. In the second tier we have marigolds, lunch box peppers, green peppers and banana peppers. In the bottom tier we have marigolds and my husband wanted to try lettuce even though I told him it's too hot for lettuce he insisted on planting them so, sometimes in marriage even though you know the outcome you keep your mouth shut and let it be. *laughs*....

These pots down here have a marigold and sugar snap peas

In here we have many pots of glorious Kale and a few brussel sprout plants

Unfortunately as my Kale is growing big and beautiful it seems the white fly has moved in and is beginning to strip my leaves. So tonight I am setting out to spray the plants with Neem Oil to get rid of them before they eat my whole crop

Isn't this Brussel Sprout leaf just beautiful! 

Up on my deck we also have many pots of herbs growing as well. More than what you see here because I've since added too them. This year I am growing more Basil, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Curly Leaf Parsley and Dill.

So, not a huge garden this year, while bigger than last years I am hoping that by planting the way I did it will be easier on me physically. Oh, we also planted spaghetti squash in pots this past week that I started from seed.... This year I also went out and bought a split spicket for the water and now I have two hoses. One for the garden below and one for the herbs etc up on the deck. This years garden theme is, "as easy as possible"...

Hope you enjoyed my little garden tour and I will update as it grows. 

How about you? Are you having a garden this year? If so what are you planting?


  1. I love your garden box. I did not know that about Basil. I have not planted tomatoes in years because I hate those horned worms. They freak me out. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I hate the Horn worms as well but it always comes with planting tomatoes . I spent the morning today picking off cabbage worms...LOL

  2. Wow you have been very busy. Your husbands poor back.

    1. Yes we have. We have other projects going as well and yes his back. He's had 11 back surgeries and also has a spinal cord stimulator implanted which was how he was able to actually do some garden work this year. Believe it or not it wasn't his back that was sore after this but his hip and his leg...

  3. WOW! You and your dear husband are true farmers. I'm so impressed!! Love the raised boxes...Everything looks to healthy and green.

  4. Hi Wanda,
    Eh, not so much. I just try and grow some things every year I know he will eat. This year I would like to learn how to can some tomatoes if we have a good crop. Last years went terribly wrong. And this morning, all my beautiful Kale up there is almost decimated, I spent the morning picking off cabbage worms that ate almost all my Kale. That;s the one thing I hate about gardening the most and thats all the insects and worms you have to contend with but it comes with the territory. I hope you are well Wanda :)

  5. I LOVED this blog today. Thanks for visiting me, and here I am returning the visit. You are doing exactly what I wish I was doing more of. I just usually have tomatoes and peppers and an occasional potato. I have marauding raccoons who climb the deck posts to get up there and destroy my crop and my hummingbird feeders. I gave up for several years and just now starting again. I had no idea I could grow brussels sprouts in a container! Never heard of neem oil. I will look that up.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for coming by... I'm so glad you liked the post.... Hmm Raccoons.. yeah they can do a good bit of damage that's for sure!! I have learned you can grow ANYTHING in a pot.. Doesn't matter what it is.. Long as you have enough good soil, enough water and enough holes in them for drainage.. My husband drilled holes in the bottom of the pots and the sides and they drain beautifully.. All the things I am growing in pots alone are doing really really well... Neem oil is an organic pesticide. It's not harmful to pets either which was why I got it. I don't like using chemical pesticides on what I'm going to eat.. Thank you again for coming by today :)

  6. Oh, this is Ramblingon. The blog you visited. But I am still blogging under my cat's blog name. ( I help her with her blog) ...forgot to log out. :-)

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