April 6, 2021

Planting Time


Hello friends and family! It's that time of year again... Planting season in the South. This year I am going to try and make things as easy as possible on myself.

Last year to be honest, our garden turned into a nightmare. One, I am a novice gardener and did a lot of things wrong and two, I agreed to let my husband do some things in the garden I knew I didn't want to be done but I said just go ahead and in the end it made things so much harder on me..

This year my husband has agreed to do things as I would like and that means simply and easy as possible. I am dealing with very severe hot flashes and not sleeping much at all and there is no way I can be out in the June/July/August ninety five degree heat with 150% humidity this year trying to keep up with weeds, bugs and fighting the mocking birds for my tomatoes. 

So this year I bought two three tier raised beds off of Amazon and I had some really rich good soil delivered from a local nursery here in my town. 

Once the dirt got here my husband finally got the gardening bug and filled them all in.

On Good Friday we went out even though it was absolutely freezing here in South Carolina! We are having a few days of a cold snap which happens every year. It's the last frost of the season and we picked up the vegetables and herbs we will plant this year. I am not doing a big garden this year like I did last year. This year I bought only what I know my husband will eat.

We bought twelve tomato plants, two sweet banana pepper plants, one lunch box pepper plant just to try, hubby wanted to try lettuce so he bought four romaine lettuce plants. I grabbed five basil plants, two cilantro plants, two dill plants, one rosemary plant because I still have so much left from last year and I have five Lemon Thyme plants being delivered because I can only find German or English Thyme around here this year. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we've been up too and I will post again when everything has been planted...

Are you growing a garden this year? 


  1. That sounds like a really smart plan! I like those boxes you got.

  2. That is the neatest boxes you have!!!
    Your garden is going to be beautiful. ❤️🙏🏻

  3. Nope, no garden for us. I don't enjoy the heat and would probably pass out trying to tend to a garden in the summer heat. Just not for me. Good luck with yours. I hope you get an abundance of garden goodies.

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