April 20, 2021

Needed Some Color


Hello friends and family

Spring has sprung here in my part of South Carolina and while it's so nice to see, it just so much green!! Don't get me wrong I love the color green but I do miss color. I've lived in the South for eighteen years this coming June and I still miss the rich reds, oranges etc from up North so this weekend, we went out and got some color for our land.. Let me share with you the beauties we brought home..

This tree is called a Blood Red Plum Tree. It doesn't produce actual plums it's just what the name is. Wouldn't it be nice if it did produce fruit? But, it's a gorgeous color. The day was a bit overcast when I took the photo but I just love that this tree stays this color all year long. And when it grows up it will be a very large beautiful tree.

Next we bought a few more Azalea bushes to finish filling in the property line in front. We have red , pink and white and one lavender so  we bought two more lavender ones.

Hopefully by next year it will have pretty flowers on it like this one that is in the front flower beds near the house. 

And I just had to take a photo of our White Bell Azalea that has bloomed in the front beds near the house. It just looks so beautiful and full. Little Gnome man is protecting her.

How about you? Do you have lots of color on your property? I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the plants we have on our land. I will share more with you soon.


  1. I really miss having azaleas and rhodys. So easy to care for and so pretty in spring. But, they won't grow where I live now, from what I've researched.

    1. Thats a shame but Im wondering, there must be some kind of pretty colorful bush to plant where you live?

  2. SO beautiful, we are about to bloom all of our dogwoods and the town will be ablaze in Pink, well if pink can blaze.

    1. LOL I think it can.. Love dogwood trees!

  3. Just beautiful. I didn't know azaleas/Rhododendrons grew in the south. In our Redwood forests here in California they grow under the Redwood trees and they are wild.

  4. Hi Debby
    Oh yes...the south is LOADED with Azaleas.... HUGE bushes of pinks everywhere you look

  5. Robyn, love your new tree. It will bloom with pink flowers in early spring won't it? We have trees with the same looking leaves here and they do. We have a very old crepe myrtle in our front yard. Usually it blooms beautifully (pink) every August, but last year it didn't do so well, so hope it is better this year. Your azaleas are just beautiful..Stay well..xxoJudy

  6. hi robyn...living in new jersey, we are experiencing all of the colors of spring. tulips, daffodils and all of the spring flowering trees are in bloom. i have a lot of azaleas and dogwood trees that will bloom next. your new tree is so pretty, you will surely enjoy it for years to come!!

    thanks so much for stopping by!!

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