April 25, 2021

Do You Suffer Well?


Blessed Sunday friends and family.....

Todays Gospel reading from 1 Peter struck a cord within me. It's about suffering well.

Peter says that if we are patient in suffering for doing what is good, it is a grace from God and what we are called for because Christ suffered for us.

As Christians, especially in the society we live in today we are and will surely suffer for doing what is good in a world where we are told good is bad and bad is good but you? You keep doing good and when that suffering comes, and it will, try best you can to handle it well, offer it to God, unite it to His sons suffering on the cross and you will receive whatever grace the good Lord feels is necessary for you.

Peter also tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ left us an example on how to suffer well for doing good and we are to "follow in His footsteps". This can be hard to do in our world today but with Gods help and provision it is very possible because all things are possible with God.

So, do you suffer well? Do you try and suffer well? Remember, in your suffering, "By his wounds we are healed".


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