April 22, 2021

Mid Week Wrap Up


Hello friends and family!

Today in South Carolina we woke up to thirty-nine degrees and wind! Yes, baby it's cold outside and it's unusual for this time of  year here in my part of South Carolina. We almost always get our last cold snap the first week in April and we did as well this year and then of course everyone knows it's okay to plant their gardens, which we did. Well now we are having two freakish day of colder than normal temps and high 30's at night. So far, the garden is doing alright.

On Tuesday I had to go to UPS and return two rather large boxes back to Amazon. It was warm out so I had on my Clarks Sandals. My favorite brand because they are so comfy. I have plantar fasciitis and they make walking for long periods tolerable.  Anywho, I have no idea how I did this but as I was walking into the UPS store I open the metal and glass door and somehow, it went right across the top of my foot, slicing open the top of my toe and as of last night this lovely bruise popped out and yes, it sure does hurt.

Wednesday I had an appointment with a dermatologist. In 2018 I had a rather large skin cancer removed from the back of my leg, it was in a weird spot and had been there for months and I thought it was nothing until it started to bleed so I went in. Now every year I get the once over. I felt a small spot on the back of my shoulder last week and hubby said it was raised so I made an appointment right away. Well, turns out it's nothing, comes with age and it's the same thing I have on my hand. Its raised and it can get quite itchy so I was offered the chance the have the one on my hand burned off right then and there and I took it. Im told it will take about 10 days and it should be gone.. Its a little annoying as I am a constant hand cream user so Im changing a lot of bandaids.

As for today, it's too cold to do much outside. I wanted to replant my pink polka dot plant in a nice new planter I bought for it yesterday but being it's so cold out our soil pile is also cold and this plant hates the cold so I was afraid to do it until the soil warms a little I don't want to shock it and have it die. So instead I am kicking back with a book and resting today which, isn't a bad thing considering I haven't felt well all week.

Im finding this book to be very compelling and if you'd like to know my thoughts just let me know..

How about you? What's on your docket for this Thursday? 


  1. Oh, that sounds cold and your toe looks painful! Hope it warms up, soon, and your toe heals quickly. Glad to read that the appointment with the dermatologist went well and the spot on your shoulder wasn't something to be concerned about. Good to have things checked, though. Hope you enjoy reading your book and the rest of your day.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Hope to hear from you, again.

  2. ouch - that looks to be quite painful!! i love clarks sandals, flip flops are my thing!!

    it was super cold and windy here in new jersey too. i still have my plants indoors, i don't plant anything outside until mothers day!!

    the hubs and i recently went to the dermatologist together. i have dark skin and had nothing to note. the hubs has fair skin and had 2 spots biopsied. he goes back soon to have both "dug out" a little deeper!!

    enjoy your book!!!

    1. Hi Debbie....
      So nice to see another Clarks lover!... Im like your husband, I also have pretty fair skin as well.. My oldest nephew too he had a massive spot removed off his back last year he has a pretty large scar...Thank you for stopping by today! :)

  3. OUCH! So very sorry about your foot/toe. Makes me hurt. God bless you and may you quickly heal up. We are getting chilly weather here and I wish it weren't so. Here's to Spring returning. My Thursday was a busy one and I need to rest. Kaput.

    1. Hi Deanna,
      Today is finally supposed to hit 70 and then we are upper 70s and 80s all week next week. I suspect this is the last cold snap for us this year...I hope you got some much needed rest yesterday!

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