May 3, 2021

Garden Update


Hello friends and family....

Today I thought I'd share an update on all the happenings in this years garden with you. Things are beginning to grow! All the plants in the garden beds are growing well. We have a few tomato plants in here along with a few Brussel Sprout plants that aren't doing very well and I'm not sure why. The pepper plants are standing up strong and tall and so far the lettuce I thought wasn't going to make it is doing well although I think we will have to pick whatever is there this coming week as temps are supposed to get into the lower 80's and lettuce won't survive that heat, I don't think.

The tomato and basil companion planting seems to be going well also.

The two round pots in the front here have spaghetti squash in them and the climbers  you see there are called crunchy peas. The other pots have more tomatoes and basil in them. Yesterday I went out and put stakes in everything for support. I am trying to prune my tomatoes and train them to grow up instead of out. We already had some blossoms on some of the tomato plants but I took those off so that the plant can put all it's energy into growing large and producing large tomatoes instead of producing small tomatoes right away.

My brussel sprout plants are just booming in these pots and the kale in these pots seem to be recovering from the cabbage worm disaster. I will put more Neem Oil on them this week.

This pot of Kale here in the superstar of the garden right now. I planted two kale plants in each pot and they are just beautiful!! I'm going to be picking some of these beauties this week!

That's it folks. The garden so far is thriving. I am learning and watching a lot of gardening videos on YouTube by much more seasoned gardeners than myself. We shall see what the hot weather brings. 


  1. Amazing!! I love it all! I am growing Kale - and cilantro....and I don't really like either one so I forget why I am growing them. I gave some kale to Amber on Saturday and I picked some today for a 'weed' salad for lunch with a friend. That's what my stepson calls my salads when I use things from my garden!

    1. LOL Hi linda,
      Youre comment on growing kale that you don't like just made me literally laugh out loud... And your step sons name for a salad LOL!!

  2. I love it. Looking really good.

  3. Robyn, Your garden looks great. I have never tried to grow kale, but think when we get to where we can have a garden, I'd like to try. Maybe in a couple of years. It is impressive what you have going on here.

    1. Hi deanna
      I've never grown Kale either. It's a cool weather crop so I think I planted it in the end of March and now I have enough in my freezer to last me until atleast next year..

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