May 11, 2021

I've been sick


Hi Friends and Family!

Please forgive me for not being on my blog or reading your blogs in the past week but, I've been sick.

I started not to feel well last Monday and in my usual fashion I just ignored it. I know, it's a bad habit but, when you've been chronically ill for as many years as I have you tend to do this a lot.

Well by Thursday morning I was sick both literally and figuratively and I"ll get to the figuratively part in a moment. I was unsure if I had a sinus infection or something seriously wrong with my stomach because the stomach pain was almost unbearable. Again, I'm used to stomach pain as I've had it everyday for over 22 years but this, this was beginning to tip the scales a bit. I also was getting serious pounding sinus headaches and doing a ton of sneezing. I have chronic sinusitis and then I remembered that when I get sick sick, it usually hits the weakest part of my body and for me thats my stomach.

I was laid out flat in bed for Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday. I began taking antibiotics I have here at home and started feeling much better. I can eat again, no nausea, no stomach pain or sinus pain and today I am feeling much much better. So, I am pretty sure its just an intense sinus infection I let get away from me which will make you pretty sick pretty quick.

Now as for the figuratively part. We have a tree in the front of our house smack in the middle of the lawn. It's a beautiful tree. Sixty foot bradford pear tree and tons of birds. But, it was also leaning because it grew crooked towards the house. Last Tuesday we had a wicked storm rip through the area and it literally ripped our peach tree in the back yard out of the ground. I decided it would be best to have the big tree in the front at least trimmed incase it ever does fall it doesn't fall on the house, my bedroom specifically because you know, those things tend to always happen in the dead of night. 

The tree guy comes Thursday morning and he tells me its better to take it out because while it's a strong tree some of the root ball is growing up out of the ground and he can't not say if a heavy storm would knock it over or not. Let me just say, this kid was a good salesman, there's a sucker born every minute and last Thursday that sucker was me. He charged me $650 to take it out but umm, it actually didn't need to come out! I was not and am not happy about how this went down.

The roots of this tree were so deeply embedded into the ground and had spread so far out under the lawn it took them three HOURS to get it out trying everything including a backhoe! So much for a tree that he couldn't guarantee me wasn't going to fall!

Meanwhile, as they were destroying my lawn trying to get the roots out with the backhoe they also ripped all those bushes around that tree out because they came up with the roots! Now I am left with nothing but a mud pit. I was sick over it all... 

Now that I have accepted that I spent $650 that I didn't have to spend, that I was pretty much swindled, and my beautiful tree is gone, next month I am going to buy a Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Tree and plant it there in honor of my mom, my dad, myself and my childhood because we had a cherry blossom tree in my backyard that would bloom every year on my birthday in my childhood home. Every year my parents would wake me up on my birthday morning and tell me to go look out my bedroom window because my birthday tree had bloomed for me..

So that's all why I haven't been around much. I hope to be back this week to reading your blogs and seeing what you've all been up too!


  1. I am so sorry you are sick. I have a tendency to ignore things also, as I am really sick all the time. I feel bad about that tree.

  2. Oh, so sorry you are sick on both counts. I'm glad you are starting to feel better and I would just be heartbroken over that tree and shrubs (as well as the $) as you are.

  3. Robyn, That sounds awful being sick. Glad you are much better. Live an learn...learn an live. Sorry about your tree, the new one you plant will be gorgeous.

    1. Hi Deanna,
      Thank you so much... Yes, I can't wait to order it next month.

  4. Bradford Pears are notorious for not being stable. For years they were planted because they are so ornamental, but people soon learned they weren't a good choice as they tend to be a big problem in a lot of ways. We eliminated one as we saw it was deteriorating and my husband knew more trouble would follow. In other words don't be too hard on the guy who urged you to take it down. Maybe your tree was the exception that would have given no problem, but he was thinking of the tree's reputation.

    1. Hi Carole,
      Thank you so much for telling me this... This has made me feel better about pulling it down and spending the money to do it. Thank you again

  5. Sorry you've been sick; I'm not feeling too well, myself, with sciatica. Take care.

  6. It seems all Bradford pear trees eventually have to come down or fall. Yours is quite large, so I am surprised it lasted so long. I am sure people think I am sick all the time. I am. Sinus problems have plagued me all my life and have been quite severe. Have you had a pneumonia shot? Sinus problems are less when a person has that vaccine.

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