May 13, 2021

What's Your Opinion?


Hello friends and family! Today I would like to get your opinion on something..

 Have you ever heard of Messianic Christians? I had heard the name before but never really looked into it and then last week a friend shared a video and the pastor I guess you would call him was a Jewish man who believes in Jesus Christ..

I found his talk very interesting. It was over an hour long, and he spoke about the Jewishness of Jesus and the Apostles. I listened to the whole thing. I was actually pretty enamored at what I was hearing. From what I think I understand, we Christians should still celebrate the Jewish feast and Holy Days because Jesus did also. Jesus in his humanity was a devout Jew as were the Apostles and first "Christians".. 

This man also talked about how Jesus tells us in Scripture, which he does, that He did not come to change a letter of the Law and the Law and the prophets would not pass away until Heaven and Earth passes away...

I know a few people who are Christians but also celebrate the Jewish seasons as well. I am also learning in my bible study, we are in the book of Numbers right now that God the Father when he was giving the Laws to the People of Isra'el that even the foreigners among them were too follow the laws also.

This man also was saying how the Sabbath etc was always a Saturday even for the first "Christians" because they were Jews, not Sundays. He was talking about how when you walk into Christian churches whatever sect they may be you see nothing Jewish about them at all. That got me to thinking.. He's right.. there is nothing Jewish about a Christian Church that I have ever seen and I wondered why not?

I remember years ago wondering to myself the things this man was saying. Specifically, why we didn't celebrate Passover etc as well, why there is nothing to be seen Jewish about us yet Jesus was a Jew, Jesus practiced Judaism so why don't we? I have been told over the years by Catholic Priests that we don't do these things because we are not under the Law because of Jesus but so far everything I've read in Scripture doesn't say we aren't.. Just as Jesus said he did not come to change one letter of the Law..

What are your thoughts and opinions on this? 



  1. Christians believe Jesus as the messiah who came and gone, and will come again. Jews do not believe Jesus arose from the dead nor coming back.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      That is correct but what I was trying to get at is not whether the Jews believe but abut how Jesus was a strict practicing Jew himself and He never changed that. so I wonder why we as Christians aren't following in His footsteps with everything He also did....

  2. I have heard of them and find them amazing.

    1. I'm going to watch that man again this weekend, from what I understand they go live on Saturday mornings at 10 am ..... Im intrigued

  3. According to the New Testament, when Jesus came he fulfilled the law, so it was no longer necessary too obey the old laws and ceremonies, such as circumcision and the dietary laws. Jesus only requires that we truly believe in Him and have love for our fellow man.

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