September 24, 2021

Health Updates


Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, friends and family where ever you may be. Since I've been gone for quite a while I thought I'd give you some health updates.

Unfortunately it looks like my husband may need yet another back surgery. If he does this will make surgery either eleven, twelve or thirteen. To be honest I have lost count at this point. In 2019 he had a spinal stimulator implanted and it's been such a huge blessing. It began to give him some of his life back. Flash forward to three months ago. He is beginning to lose his ability to walk and he is in a ton of pain despite the stimulator and I shudder to think what his pain level would be without it. 

We went to see yet another surgeon who took X rays and then this past Monday he had an MRI and soon he will go in for a myelogram. All of these tests show where and how much damage there is. My husband has metal rods and screws fifty percent up his back starting at the lower back and ending in the mid chest area. 

The surgeon seems to believe that the discs above the upper metal where it stops are now disintegrating and he is unsure if the vertebra are pinching the spinal cord or crushing it, hence the need for all these tests and the cause of his losing the ability to walk. So, we are just waiting for the last test to be done and then we will decide what comes next.

As for myself, I'm not sure if I blogged about it but to make a long story long, at the end of June I landed in the ER with just horrid stomach pain. Well that went from, you have gallstones a massive urinary tract infection and we think you may have a heart attack.. What??!!??!!

Well. after nine hours in the ER, them shooting me up with all kinds of antibiotics, blood thinners etc and making me sicker than when I walked in I finally had , had enough and signed out AMA (against medical advice). After which I made an appointment with my husbands cardiologist. I had an EKG, Echocardiogram and a nuclear stress test. Thanks all be to God everything turned out fine. My heart is fine and more than likely the chest pain I had is stemming from my completely screwed up digestive system.

Next I saw my regular MD who ordered a CT scan with contrast, I did that and he said no, there are no gallstones. (scratching head) So then it was off to yet another stomach doctor who said that a CT scan isn't the best test for gallstones an ultrasound is yet he didn't want to set me up for one until I have a colonoscopy and an endoscope both at the same time. Yeah, it's not making sense to me either and to be completely honest with you I am ready to just throw my hands up at all of this. I am SO   TIRED    OF     DOCTORS     MESSING     ME    AROUND. I've been going through this for thirty damn years and nothing gets better and they pull all kinds of garbage out of a hat and nothing.

Unfortunately because of this gallstone issue or non gallstone issue I had to stop eating what little fattening foods I could swallow and well, I've lost too much weight. At last check I was ninety seven pounds. In all honesty, I just want to run away.

So there it is. This is where we are and I am so sick of being here...


  1. Don't give up Sweetie. We're here for you. Life can be downright nasty at times. You sure have been given an extra dose of it. I'm with you on being tired of all the tests and getting no where. What would happen if you just went along without all the tests for a while? Is this a possibility?

    I remember when I was a 95 pounder, but I went on a diet of Mac N Cheese and a bottle of beer for supper every night for a while and it put several pounds on me. This was a long time ago. Now I'm needing a solution for getting rid of some of the pounds.

    Is there anything you fancy that might be tasty for supper? Does your doctor have any suggestions? Or maybe look it up on Google to find some ideas?

    I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's medical issues. I do hope his doctors can help him. I'll say a prayer for him, and for you too my friend. If you need to chat or rant, I'm here. God Bless you, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I am so sorry you are sick. I wish I was there to help you!

  3. Robyn, I'm so very sorry. Frustrating doesn't hardly describe it. It's awful to be in pain and have no explanations. Will continue to pray. My frustrations the last 11 years have come from thyroid health issues and the so called specialist has no answers to help me out. The ones in the know have been the so called non-specialists that have gone through the same ordeal in which the specialist call quacks. When it comes to health issues, being in pain is horrible. Please don't give up. HUGS

  4. Hope you get resolution soon!

  5. If it is not one thing, it's another. Hopefully, you get this solved. I have back problems and am in such pain. But, like you I have esophagus problems but not so bad as yours. You sort of give me an idea what might be in my future. Losing weight would be a good thing for me.

  6. Thinking about you and your husband. Saying a prayer for you two.

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