November 2, 2021

Dear YouTube friends


This post is a letter to my YouTube friends and why I have decided to no longer make videos. 

Hello YouTube friends,

Thank you for coming to my blog and reading this post. I put up a video a few days ago telling you I would most likely no longer be making YouTube videos and I would tell you why here on my blog. I am hoping you have already read the post before this so you know some of the reasons why.

The rest of the reason has to do with the life updates. To be honest with you, and you know if you had watched me on YouTube for any length of time I was always honest with you and didn't sugar coat anything, I am really struggling right now. With all the health issue's going on with my husband and myself and I am really very tired all the time. I have a ton of responsibility on my shoulders and lately the weight of it is becoming a bit crushing.

In addition to not feeling very well, I also do not look very well either and each time I make a video now it is just serving as a reminder to myself how badly I am looking physically these days. I see myself in the mirror every day, I don't want to go on line and see it there as well. 
As for content, I really have nothing right now. As I said above, I am struggling in every area of my life at the moment. I have so many thoughts running through my head right now it's quite hard to make a video with any kind of structure. You might be thinking, then how can you have a blog? Well, truth is, writing has always been a sort of therapy for me. I find it much easier to write and get my thoughts together and to come across to you, the reader, clearly rather than trying to talk about it. It's just how my brain works I guess. 

As for the channel itself, I have been on YouTube since 2014 and in all this time my channel has not really grown much at all. The reason for this is, I don't really have a "niche".. I don't have one thing I am dedicated to doing on there. I never did. Also, I was never really dedicated enough to put myself on a strict uploading schedule. I always seem to have a lot going on in my life and it always felt to me like, "just one more thing to do". I feel if you have to practically force the ideas then why are you doing it? I have enough I am dealing with and if I am not enjoying something then I know it's time to let it go. 

I have also deleted Facebook off my devices as well as Twitter and TikTok. I Have kept Instagram on my phone and Facebook on my laptop and probably will only post to let you know that I have a new post here on my blog..  I have a lot of ideas for my blog including a complete revamping and maybe even a complete rebranding but that will take some time. 

For now, because of all that is happening personally and health wise I am trying to make my life as quiet as I can in area's that I can control and let's face it, we can't control much in this life but what we can, we should. Well, at least for me anyway. I need peace and I find that all these different platforms take that from me which in actuality is what they are designed to do. They rob you of your peace, your focus and they change you...and not for the better. So, with everything happening I think now is a good time to make the break. 

Having said all this, I will be here on my blog. This is where I feel most at home and most like myself. I do want to say thank you to those of you who stuck with me for the last seven years on YouTube, I really can't express to you in good enough words how much that means to me. And those are not just empty words. I do really hope you will come to my blog each week and interact here with me as you did there. You don't need an account to do this either which makes it even easier to leave a comment. You can also join my email list (I will not spam you) to receive an email each time I put up a new post. 

Once again, thank you so much for sticking with me all this time. I hope to see you a lot here. God bless you and keep you....



  1. I don't expect you to work so hard you cannot have a peaceful life. Rest when you can.

  2. That does sound like a lot of work to keep up with so many different social media sites. Take care and just do what makes you happy and doesn't wear you out.

  3. I’m glad you will still blog. Writing is therapeutic.


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