November 30, 2021

You Really Wouldn't Believe Me

Well hello again. I am telling you , if you don't know me in real life then you would not believe half of the things that happen in my life. Let me share with you the latest disaster..

If you read yesterdays post here then you know I had said I was suffering from a sinus migraine. Well that migraine turned into sickness and pain straight out of hell. I literally thought it was going to end me. So much so that I prayed to God that if He was taking me I was okay with it because I couldn't handle it anymore. Apparently not yet because I'm writing to you this evening. 

I finally was able to fall asleep last night somewhere around eight thirty PM. I think I more passed out from the pain than anything. I woke about ten PM. Feeling a bit better and not ready to sleep for the night. So I as I sat here looking through tiktok and instagram and my email it was getting late. When I looked at the clock and it said eleven thirty I thought, better try and go back to sleep or you'll feel even worse tomorrow.

As I laid in bed I heard the heat kick on. It was VERY cold last night. We dropped down to twenty one degrees during the night. I thought to thank God for my warm home because so many don't have one.. Then suddenly I thought, why does it feel cold in here? Why does it feel like the air conditioner is on?

Sure enough, I got up, stuck my foot by the register and the air coming out of it was cold!! 
No Heat!!!... To say I began to panic is an understatement.. My husband went outside to see if the outside fan was running in the unit and it was, everything was running but NO HEAT!.

We have a home warrantee company so I quickly called them and set up a service call through the automated system. I went back to bed with LOTS of blankets, a heating pad under the blankets and three dogs. I put a nice warm blanket it on them. My husband hit the couch with our other dogs and blankets and honestly, we were warm while we slept but getting up out of the bed this morning? Good gosh it was cold!! And what's the first thing most humans do the moment they get up? Yep, we all do it and man that seat was cold!!

The contractor called me and they said they couldn't get here until between twelve and four PM. So while waiting for him I called my neighbor, real nice guy from NJ who is an HVAC guy. He came and looked at things and turns out our heat pump did not go it's the emergency heat that wasn't working. It seems that when the temp outside drops to a certain low level the heat pump shuts off and the emergency heat which is coils under your house kicks in. This happens to save the heat pump from working too hard and burning up. Then the coils turn on and keep  your house warm. Except mine weren't working!

Not only that, it seems when the repair company that our home warrantee company sent out back in July to replace the air conditioner motor, the guy did 'some rewiring' CUT wires and left them just hanging there! They in turn arced somewhere along the line and MELTED another wire that has to do with the emergency heat AND he disconnected the SAFETY wires that are supposed to kick in and shut your system down incase of a MELTED WIRE!..

Can you tell I'm a bit livid over all this? The repair guy showed up at two thirty this afternoon. Said he has to order a whole new heat kit which will include all new wires and he disconnected the melted wire and the emergency heat. So tonight, if it drops below thirty eight degrees we will have no heat again until the temps warm up a bit and the heat pump can work again....

What a mess!!. So you see, if you don't know me in real life I know, that no one would believe the crap that happens in my life... tomorrow I will tell you about something wonderful though that I realized through all of this.....



  1. That is some fiasco! So, I hope you can get the crummy company to foot the bill on this fix. And, I am glad someone is going to do it right! You deserve to be livid.

  2. He should be held accountable and fired! Totally uncalled for, sorry you had to go through this….I wonder how many others have suffered because of his shoddy workmanship.

  3. I DO believe you and do know how it feels to have no heat. I have good heat here but feel the cold anyway - toes is froze, nose is froze, Oh well I'm old. What an awful experience for you folks. Hopefully you'll be warm again VERY soon and not fear your system to fail.

  4. Do you still live in SC? WE had a place at the beach (Lakewood Campground) for many years and spent a total of 6 mos. there every year. I don't remember it being awful cold. We went in Feb.& March, May & June, Sept. & October. It did snow one year but melted quickly!

  5. I hope you get heat soon. This is not a good time of year to be without heat. Hugs, Edna B.

  6. oh boy! i would be livid too! thank goodness for wonderful neighbors!

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  8. Hope you got the heat fixed. I had to replace my furnace in November!

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