January 11, 2022

I Finally Did It And A Giveaway !


Hello Friends an Family..

Well ladies and gentlemen I finally did it.. I actually did it... I actually read an entire book. Finished it. Completed it.. I know this is nothing mind blowing but, if you read my post here about Trying To Grow  where I told you about my addiction to social media and all the problems it's caused me in the last too many years then you'll understand why I am happy about this small accomplishment.

And, since I have read this entire book I thought I would also share it with you incase you may want to read it..Before I tell you about the book let me explain a little about how my brain works when it comes to books.. First, I like biographies and true stories. I've tried fiction before but I just can't get into it. Oh, there is a very small amount of fiction series that I have gotten deeply into but for the most part I like biographies and true stories.. Secondly, for me to enjoy a book and be eager to finish it the author needs to really catch my attention within the first ten minutes of reading. I'm not one to 'see if it gets better". Once a book becomes a snooze fest for me, usually within the first ten minutes of reading, that it's. I'm done. I will not finish it. I like my reading to be an escape. I want to experience a different time, place, life. Having said this let me recommend the book I just completed to you..

When I said I like biographies most people think of famous biographies and while there are VERY few famous biographies I like, I am more into learning about every day people of the past and present and the book I just finished is just that. The title of the book is :

Dear Kitchen Saints by Mrs Connie Hultquist. Letters from an Iowa Housewife.

This woman Connie was no one famous but she had an interesting life. The book is really a compilation of posts from the blog she faithfully wrote on for many years using an old e-mail machine. For those of you too young to know what that is, it was a small square little machine you could hook up to the internet and send email through and that was about all you could do with it. I had one as well. This is what Connie wrote her posts on to her blog..I don't know how she posted from her E-Machine but that's what she used.. She had her husband had six children and a lot of hard times in their life together and not together but her faith is what got her through it all. Her faith is what got them ALL through it together and sometimes apart. The way she wrote her posts to her readers were as if she were sitting with you at her kitchen table over a cup of coffee and a donut. Everything about her was as real as it gets and she didn't sugar coat anything. Had I had the pleasure of ever meeting Connie I think we would have been very good friends.. We think a lot alike.

As I said above she was always very real and raw in her postings on her blog. She wasn't one to write a post and make everything 'seem perfect and just wonderfully joyful in her life and all times" like a lot of bloggers do. She gives life to you straight. She knew her strengths and her weaknesses and she wasn't afraid to write about either..

If you like stories about everyday people who are actually pretty extraordinary in a real life way then I think you will enjoy this book and learning about Connie and her family as much as I did.. You can pick up this book on Amazon or maybe even your local library may have it. As I write this I have decided what with money being tight for most people today how about I do a giveaway of my copy of this book? I have read it, I won't probably read it again and I would love to share it with someone who would enjoy it too. So to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on what kind of books you like to read and why. I will pick a winner on Monday January 17th 2022. USA only please as I will be paying for shipping and overseas shipping is very expensive for me. I hope you understand..


  1. Since you asked, I must say that I love reading mysteries - not gory or really awful true stories - just who dun it? Why? How? I like intricate plots with believable characters. This is because the challenge is to try to figure out the answers before the end of the book. I usually read while eating lunch. It is a relaxing getaway activity for me.

    1. Oh I could get into a good mystery here and there as well! and for the same reasons...

  2. Hi Robyn. Receiving this copy of this book would be fine with me! I like reading human interest stories about people, also books about saving money hacks, decorating, and cook books/recipes. May you have a blessed day,

  3. First, thanks for your visit to my blog and your sweet comments. I have been away from blogging and visiting and commenting for some time. It's nice to be back and see what's going on with my blog friends.
    The book sounds very interesting. My friend Linda has supplied me with books, and like yoursellf, if they don't "crab" me in a few chapters...I'm done!
    Thanks again for your visit...hope to see you again! Hugs.

  4. That book sounds very interesting; I, too, like reading biographies of real people. However, I'm trying to declutter my collection of books, myself, so, please don't enter me in the drawing! I'm just writing to say, "Hi"! I need to catch up on your blog!

  5. Thanks, Robyn, I do love to read.

  6. hi robyn...i am not a reader, as i have terrible memory issues. it is so sad as i use to love to read!!

    i think most of us are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things in our own way!!

  7. Just found Connie's blog after her death but have enjoyed reading older posts on it. Have you read any fiction by Dick Francis? Amazing writer, master of first sentences in his books.

  8. I love fiction, non-fiction, and books I read while getting my MA. I also love to read sociology. I would love this book. Can we enter just once or every day?

  9. I'm not entering the giveaway, but I read this. It was interesting.


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