January 7, 2022

Pain Killer Daze


Pain killers.. Let's talk about pain killers. 

Hello friends and family....

If you read my post on Monday of this week then you know I had mentioned I was having a hell of a time with constant migraines. I finally asked my doctor last month to give me something. I couldn't take the pain and sickness anymore. Tylenol does nothing for a migraine by the way and I can't take any of the migraine medicines because most of them have aspirin in them and I am allergic to aspirin. I also tried Ibuprophen and that didn't help either. I was out of options. All except the one I REALLY didn't want. I am not a pill person. I will suffer until most people would have jumped off a cliff before I pop a pill but I am finding as I age I am not able to handle the pain that is my body as well as I used too.

So my doctor prescribed me Tramadol 50mg tables to be used when I have a migraine. Two weeks ago on a Sunday morning a migraine began and this sucker ramped up so quickly I didn't even have time to think. By one in the afternoon I couldn't handle the pain anymore. I thought if I didn't get some relief soon I was goin to die from the pain itself. So I reached over, grabbed the bottle of Tramadol from my end table draw, took the pill in my hand, said a prayer and swallowed it. Okay, I crushed it up because I can't swallow pills but you get what I'm saying here. I had no clue what I was in for next. What did I know? I don't DO pain pills. I have NEVER taken anything stronger for pain than a Tylenol.

It took THREE hours for the pill to help the pain but along with that I was SO sedated I felt like I had been put under for surgery or something and I was SO dizzy I was seeing double. I literally could not even watch the TV because I was seeing TWO of everything!..I wound up spending the entire day and night in bed not because of the pain but because of the effects from what was supposed to help the pain. By the way, it did help the pain but ontop of the frightening dizziness and sedation it also made me nauseous and I still dealt with hot flashes every two hours as well. I was NOT in a good place. 

THIS is why I hate anything that has to do with pain killers. I do not like feeling out of control of my own body and I certainly was. I was also thanking God for Lou having had installed a safety bar in our bathroom last year near the toilet because if it hadn't been there, this day I would have taken a header a few times right into my tub. It was absolutely horrible. I woke up at 11pm that same night and I was STILL dizzy and somewhat sedated. This is almost twelve hours later. 

The next day I woke up and I felt HORRIBLE. Nauseous, weak, my legs felt like shaky little bird legs, exhausted and a little light headed. I called my doctors office and explained to the nurse what had happened. She called me back a few hours later and told that the Tramadol doesn't come in anything less than 50mgs but I could cut it in half or even quarter it if I want and to take it soon as my migraine starts and not wait hours like I had. 

So I guess when another migraine hits which it inevitably will I will start out with a quarter pill and if it doesn't help within an hour I will take another quarter....

Getting older does suck, don't let anyone tell you different. 


  1. First, you should take a pain pill as soon as the pain starts. If you wait till the pain is really bad, the pill has to work longer and harder to take it away, thereby shortening the life of the pain pill. I take tramadol on occasion and it works just fine. I wish you better luck with the next migraine. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Yes, I agree, best to take it right when you think a migraine is coming on, so it can fight the pain better. I have issues with a couple pills I've tried to take over the years, that I find I need to cut the prescribed dosage in half. A Flexeril/muscle relaxer being one of them. Half works fine for me. A full pill worked but gave me terrible RLS for several hours. Next time don't wait until you are miserable! Take care.

  3. I too get migraines once in a while, but taking painkillers is hard as they make me throwup. I feel for you.

  4. I don't get full blown migraines - fortunately. I do get where light bothers me and I get nauseas. I don't take anything for them as they aren't that bad.

  5. I cannot identify with your migraine issues, but do know pain in other parts of mybody. That I can deal with. Sorry for your suffering.

  6. I never have any kind of headache pains. But, pain in my back plagues me. Pain pills make me so shaky, nauseous, and sleep that I just endure the pain. Lately, the pain is getting so much worse. I hope you get the pain under control. I had migraines for one month about 40 years ago. I quit eating so much cheese and have never had a migraine since. Hopefully, you can get the pain meds under control.

  7. Hope quartering the dose will help, next time.


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