February 5, 2022

Fire Ice and Snow


So here I am with part two of my original post here if you haven't read it yet.

I will get to more about the generator in a moment. The Tuesday of the same week I had contacted a man who had a tree service and he sold me a half of a core of wood, he delivered and stacked it all for me. He turned out to be a really nice guy and his wood is excellent. We have a small fireplace in our den and I am so thankful we do because we have had to use it quite a few times since moving here. So while the generator was no more I had the piece of mind knowing we had plenty of wood to burn to keep warm and I could even heat a pot of water over the fireplace if I had too for coffee.

Well. we were now out over eight hundred dollars we had paid for that generator and it had never even been used. That part stung a bit. The same day I went up to Harbor Freight to replace my neighbors fire extinguisher. It was the very least we could do. While up there I thought I'd ask, since that's where we purchased our generator in 2020 if they thought the manufacturer would do anything about this. I was told that the manufacturer only has a one hundred and thirty day guarantee and Harbor Freight only gives a ninety day guarantee but, the manager said, since ours had never been used and he knew it was a technical issue, he knew we didn't start it ourselves that Harbor Freight would make it right and give us a new one free! Well okay, almost free. The only request they had was that we buy the two year extended warrantee for $149.99. How could I say no? Of course because of the storm coming they were smack out of generators because everyone always seems to scoop them up here when a storm is coming sort of like bread and milk. But he told me they would have a truck coming in next weds to call him then.

Next Wednesday came and I was out running errands so I stopped by there and sure enough they had a brand new generator, same one we had waiting for us. Not only did they have the new generator they also gave us a new wheel kit and battery for it free! I looked it up and  back in 2020 we paid just over six hundred dollars for all this, todays prices? Over a thousand dollars for all of this so as you can imagine I have nothing but good things to say about Harbor Freight. Technically they didn't have to do anything about it at all but they really made things right for us. They have also won two customers for life and a rave review whenever asked. 

Well, the ice storm did come in, God was merciful and it wasn't anywhere nearly as bad as in 2014 we never even lost power. However it was bitterly cold here in the South all weekend so yes we did make a few fires in the fireplace because in between all this our heat hasn't been working properly for two months as we were waiting for the repair place to get the parts which were massively delayed due to the supply chain issue and the current occupation we are living under. 

The weekend after this we actually got snow. We don't usually get much snow here in my area, maybe a dusting and within an hour it's gone. Well this past weekend we woke up at six am to see beautiful big fluffy white snowflakes falling and while we only got maybe a half of an inch it was pretty to see. I do miss snow. So me and my husband sat at the dining room table, drinking coffee watching it snow remembering all the snow storms in New Jersey growing up and how much fun we had as kids in them. It was a nice morning but again that whole weekend it was bitterly cold and once the snow melted, at night everything got slick with ice but this time we were prepared. I had gone out before the ice storm came in the week before and bought a five pound bag of rock salt at Home Depot, something else I was missing in 2014 and used up all my table salt on the steps to melt the ice and I STILL fell on the steps that year.

Folks, this is why I always push being prepared. I don't mean for major world events although, with the last two years being what they have been it may be a good idea but rather for what could happen in your life. I don't know if we can ever be fully one hundred percent prepared but we can at least prepare enough to make life a little more comfortable when weather happens.

Once again, I've written you a book so I will stop here and continue on in another post. 



  1. Running generators can be tricky as we did for so many years here in NE PA. Now we have a stand-by generator that takes care of everything so wonderfully and automatically. Yes, it was expensive but what a sensible investment. You were fortunate to get such good service from Harbor Freight. I have heard many good reports about their customer relations and am very glad you are ready for the next event!

    1. We would love to get a whole house generator from Generac but right now it just isn't in the budget. Hopefully, one day soon it will be

  2. I am anxious to get our generator hooked up to our fuse box so I can just flip a switch.

    1. I am considering doing that as well. Going to call an electrician this week and see what it will cost to do that

  3. I thought the head of this post said "JELLO"

    My friend died trying to get the dog out of his burning house. Leave them if you have to!!!

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